For over a month now, many, many people have claimed that Amy Duggar is pregnant.

It would make sense — she’s 30 years old, she and her husband, Dillon King, have been married for a couple of years, and they’ve both expressed interest in becoming parents.

And hey, if Amy wants to follow in her famous family’s footsteps, she’s really going to need to get things moving.

This most recent round of rumors began when Amy’s Instagram followers noticed that she’d been making a habit out of wearing loose, flowy clothing.

Was it simply a fashion statement, or a way to hide a baby bump before she felt comfortable making a pregnancy announcement?

That was the question.

And now, in a new podcast from Amy and Dillon, they’re clearing everything up.

But in doing that, they’re confusing us more than ever.

It turns out that Amy is not currently pregnant, or at least that’s what she wants us to believe.

“Babe, are we having kids?” she asked Dillon during the podcast.

“Yes, we’re having kids!” he answered. “I don’t know when … at some point, we’re definitely going to have kids.”

Amy went on to explain that they “kinda have a plan” when it comes to having children, but “it probably won’t work.”

Dillon added “It’ll probably be interrupted by an oops.”

What does that even mean?

Well, Amy said “I’ll be honest, I am not on birth control,” and Dillon said that he doesn’t wear condoms — so it sounds like they’re doing nothing to prevent pregnancy.

“We’re going to have kids, eventually,” Amy concluded. “We have a plan, but then again God is over it, and plans change.”

“But I want to be a young mom, a fun mom, a very energetic mom.”

… Huh?

It’s a little confusing, because when it comes to having children, it’s pretty clear how things work.

If Amy isn’t on birth control and Dillon isn’t wearing condoms, then they could get pregnant at any time.

If they do have a plan, then obviously they’re not too worried about sticking to it.

It sounds like they want to wait a little bit to have a baby, but they’re not taking any responsibility for what Amy’s uterus decides to do.

Classic Duggar move.

Source: celebweddings