Amy Duggar has taken the way of many, many reality stars before her.

She’s trying to take back major scandalous statements she’s made by blaming the editors of the show.

A classic move, sure, but this time it’s a little unbelievable.

Because, OK, you know how Amy has been talking about her father a lot on Marriage Boot Camp?

She’s said that he was abusive in different ways throughout her childhood, that he would tell her she was a mistake, and he’d fight with her mother so much that she’d just spend her time outside to avoid it.

In a recent episode, she even said that he picked her up by the throat and lifted her up to the ceiling because he thought she was lying about brushing her teeth.

She also recalled a time in which he tried to hit her with a car.

It’s all been very hard to hear, but unfortunately, not that hard to believe.

Except now Amy is speaking out about the whole mess on Twitter … and her stance may surprise you.

“What the heck!!!” she tweeted. “@wetv my dad didn’t try to run me over with a car! Crafty editing I was talking about someone else!!!!!! @wetv #get it right”

“Why would you twist that?” she continued. “For more ratings?! That’s not true and don’t believe that!”

Real quick — someone else tried to hit her with a car? How many awful people does she have in her life?!

That’s the real issue here.

But still, Amy wrote “That’s just so hurtful to my family and to me. I forgave my dad for the toothbrush accident. And that is it. Wow @wetv really!? Why!!!!”

Oh, girl.

We’re going to go ahead and assume — and hope, hope so hard — that she was feeling heated here and meant to say “toothbrush incident,” because we can’t really understand how picking your kid up by the throat could qualify as an “accident.”

And, as we’ve said every time a reality star blames a show for bad/false editing … what did you expect? It’s a reality show, it’s supposed to be entertainment.

And lastly, we’re going to go ahead and guess that Amy is reacting so strongly because she started feeling some pressure from her family.

Remember, over the weekend her own grandmother did an interview, calling Amy out for allegedly lying about being abused.

“None of that stuff is true,” Amy’s grandma insisted. “Amy just felt like she needed to be on that show, and needed something to tell.”

So is she telling the truth? Is she lying? Is Marriage Boot Camp lying?

Who even knows anymore?

Source: celebweddings