Beyonce and Jay Z are the parents to a brand new baby boy and baby girl.

Perhaps you’ve heard.

Perhaps you’ve also heard their unique names: Rumi and Sir Carter, as confirmed by the artist herself in a memorable Instagram post just a few days ago.

Other than this first name confirmation, neither Beyonce nor Jay Z has said much of anything about their kids.

According to various celebrity gossip outlets, the superstars are caring for the kids in a rented mansion and are making every effort to avoid the spotlight for the time being.

They don’t want to expose little Rumi or little Sir to the glare of the Hollywood spotlight at such a young age and we don’t blame them one bit.

However, TMZ has obtained the birth certificate for the twins and it does reveal some new information about each/

For example:

Rumi is the oldest. She was born about a minute before her brother, at 5:13 a.m. on June 13.

(This means the Carter twins share a birthday with another set of twins: the Olsen twins, Mary-Kate and Ashley. How fun!)

This official document also states that Dr. Paul Crane delivered the babies, which is only of note because he also delivered Kim Kardashian’s two kids… Kourtney Kardashian’s three kids… AND Black Chyna’s daughter.

We wonder whether Kanye West recommended Crane to his good pal, Jay Z.

(Or his former good pal, that is, prior to their shocking falling out.)

Meanwhile, Beyonce and Jay Z’s first child, has three names. She is called Blue Ivy Carter.

This isn’t the case for Rumi and Sir, though. They are simply Rumi Carter and Sir Carter. That’s it. Nothing more, nothing less.

Those are all the interesting pieces of information revealed via the birth certificates.

An earlier E! News report, however, took us inside the new, exciting and sleep-deprived world of the kids’ parents.

Insiders tell the website that Beyonce is in good health. She’s eating well and keeping herself active, although she isn’t doing any over-the-top workouts at the moment.

Due to her C-section, it may be a long time before she can truly break a sweat once again.

As for the tension between Bey and Jay? Yes, it existed for awhile. It was real. The latter has basically admitted the cheating on the former.

But the stars are fully committed to both their marriage and to their three children. They are all about co-parenting, are getting along well and obviously have no plans to divorce.

Finally… what about Blue?

It can be challenging for a toddler to be thrust into the role of older sibling.

There are new responsibilities for her and the adjustment of no longer being the center of attention.

Thankfully, this E! report says Blue is helping her parents as best she can when it comes to Rumi and Sir, changing their diapers, giving them a bath and generally embracing the role of young role model.

How adorable, right?!?

We’ll give this famous family all the privacy it wants during this special time.

But we hope Beyonce and Jay Z know how much we are thinking of them and wishing them well.

Source: celebweddings