According to a recent report, Angelina Jolie kept her six kids from Brad Pitt on Father’s Day.

Sources say the actress jetted down to Africa with the children, planning the trip to coincide with the annual holiday of appreciation for their famous dad.

But while Jolie my have thought this was the perfect act of vengeance against her estranged husband, the following tabloid cover makes it clear that Pitt will get the last laugh.

Because he’s trying to get back together with Jennifer Aniston!!!

Earlier this month, insiders claimed that Pitt got back in touch with his ex-wife in order to apologize.

Having given up drinking and doing drugs, the actor basically made amends with Aniston, supposedly saying he was sorry for “all the heartbreak,” a source told In Touch Weekly.

“He doesn’t usually open up like that, but through therapy and recovery, he’s learned to express his feelings,” the magazine wrote at the time. “He addressed all the hurt he caused her.’

Now, in a follow-up piece, the same tabloid goes a few steps further.

As you can see above, it screams that Pitt is IN LOVE WITH JEN AGAIN and goes on to claim that he wishes he had never divorced her well over a decade ago.

“He now believes that leaving Jen for Angie was the biggest mistake of his life,” says a supposed source, adding hilariously:

“As it stands, Brad is in love with his first wife again. And like his fans, friends and loved ones, he feels he never should have broken up with Jen 12 years ago.

“Jen will always be the love of Brad’s life.” 

Aniston, of course, is happily married to Justin Theroux.

Really. She is. They seem as happy as any couple in Hollywood, actually.

No matter how many times you see Aniston’s name connected to Pitt’s, remember that she moved on a very long time ago.

Pitt actually has been very open of late about his reliance on alcohol over the years.

The star said in a recent interview that he took at least one drink or had at least on drag of a joint every day since college, but that he’s curtailed this behavior significantly since Jolie filed for divorce in September.

In Touch writes that Pitt is now wondering “if he would have left Jen for [Angelina Jolie] if he hadn’t been so dependent on alcohol and drugs back then.”

It’s a question we’ll never know the answer to, we suppose.

But it’s not relevant, either.

Pitt did leave Aniston for Jolie all those years ago.

Does Pitt harbor “long-held guilt over the pain he put [Aniston] through,” as this cover story alleges? Perhaps.

Is it true that the stars talked and that Pitt’s “honest words meant” a lot to Jennifer? Sure, maybe.

But none of that means these two are getting back together. They broke up SO long ago, people! Aniston has found the actual love of her life

Can we please let her go enjoy that life now?

Source: celebweddings