Catelynn Lowell has always been pretty open about how much she struggles with mental illness.

She’s suffered from depression and anxiety, and after her daughter Nova was born, she had a pretty nasty time with postpartum depression.

Yesterday, Catelynn and Tyler Baltierra went on The Doctors to talk about what they’ve gone through, and while we knew things were hard, we had no idea just how hard.

“Well, I started to notice her behavior shifting,” Tyler explains.

“Not responding to conversations, sleeping all the time. I thought, ‘I think she’s really, definitely got postpartum.”

“It just hit me all at once,” Catelynn adds. “I just started breaking down and crying, and I was like ‘I need help.'”

But after a rehab stay and regular therapy, Catelynn says that she’s doing well these days.

“I’m feeling really good,” she says, “I’m doing things to continue working on myself, as in therapy and seeing psychiatrists.”

She also says that her doctors have been “lowering my meds, slowly and surely, and seeing if I’m feeling, and so far it’s been good.”

When asked how Catelynn’s mental health affected their marriage, Tyler says “I think it affected it a lot.”

A little bit of an understatement, but yeah, sure.

Tyler said that it was hard because he couldn’t really understand what Catelynn was going through, and that he was thinking “It’s fine, just get out of bed, it’s not hard, just do it.”

That’s some classic Tyler insensitivity right there, but he did say that he started researching postpartum depression and he found out that it can be extremely severe for some women.

“I think I probably handled it wrong,” he admits, “because I didn’t know, I was very naive.”

“I didn’t understand it, so of course there was times where we were like, you know … I’ve maybe been a little insensitive, I didn’t really understand how it worked.”

“Marriage is marriage,” Tyler concludes. “I mean, it’s hard.”

But even though things were hard, Catelynn and Tyler both laughed when the divorce rumors were brought up.

“I don’t even read any of the negative stuff,” Catelynn says.

Probably a good plan.

“We’re so used to rumors,” Tyler adds, “it’s like one day we’re adopting our little brother, the next day we’re getting a divorce.”

So rest easy, friends, it sounds like their marriage really is OK, even if it looks kind of miserable on Teen Mom OG.


Source: celebweddings