A typical episode Teen Mom 2 offers much to feel discouraged about and little in the way of edification.

However, the show offers the occasional break from all the bickering and bleakness when it focuses on Chelsea Houska and her happy home life.

Chelsea married Cole DeBoer last year, and together, they’ve defied the odds and formed a stable relationship that’s built to endure the dual pressures of fame and one truly psychotic ex.

Now, Chelsea and Cole will be telling their tale in a TM2 spinoff special focusing on their love story.

It’s a romantic saga that fans can’t wait to relive…

1. The Happy Couple

Chelsea and Cole are unique in the world of Teen Mom 2. Under the glaring spotlight of fame they’ve built a marriage based on trust, loyalty, and mutual respect.

2. Mrs. DeBoer

Chelesea and Cole tied the knot in October of 2016. They welcomed their first child together just two months later.

3. Lil Watty

Watson DeBoer entered the world in January of 2017. And with that, the DeBoers became a whole and happy family of four. Of course, there are still complications…

4. Lind-sanity

The DeBoers are still forced to contend with the chaos that her baby daddy Adam Lind brings to their lives, but it seems that even a meth-smoking ex isn’t capable of throwing their ship off course.

5. Fan Favorites

It should come as no surprise that Chelsea and Cole have been granted their own hourlong special. For many fans, Chelsea’s ability to find love after her disastrous relationship with Lind has made her living proof that fairytale endings are possible.

6. The Reaction Online

Fans were overjoyed when word got out that Chelsea and Cole would be the subject of the next TM2 special. Especially since many assumed the news would outrage one of the show’s most reviled stars…

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