Earlier this week, Mackenzie Standifer and Ryan Edwards got married with dozens of their closest friend and family members 

Now, you may be yelling at your computer or mobile device, “Hold up a second, THG. Ryan and Mackenzie got married back in May. It was on TV, ya dummies!”

To which we would reply, “You’re right, but there’s really no need for name-calling. Sheesh.”

The couple did tie the knot several months ago, but if you caught the Teen Mom: OG season finale in which the ceremony was featured, then you know it was a joyless affair, and everyone involved would probably prefer to forget about it.

Things got off to a rocky start when Ryan passed out while driving to his own wedding, and, well … they didn’t get much better from there.

Fortunately, Edwards checked into rehab shortly thereafter, and six months later, he’s reportedly still clean and sober.

So Ryan and Mackenzie decided to call a mulligan and give this whole “getting married” business a second shot.

Needless to say, the results were much better the second time around.

“It was amazing, it was the best day ever,” she told us exclusively.

“Everything went so smoothly. It could not have gone any better.” 

Despite a dire forecast, Standifer says, it was nothing but blue skies 

“It was supposed to rain, but it held off,” she explained. “It was just so beautiful.”

Most importantly, the newlyweds’ kids from previous relationships enjoyed themselves:

“They were so cute,” Mackenzie gushed.

“Hudson, at the end of the ceremony, mopped up the floor with himself—he was rolling on the ground, just like a typical 3-year-old. And Bentley looked so handsome. He looked just like his dad.”

As further proof that all is well between Edwards and his famous ex following a succession of rough patches, Maci Bookout was in attendance, and reportedly, she was all smiles.

“[She] was there. Everything was fine,” Mackenzie said.

“We talked a little bit, and she got along with all my bridesmaids.”

So there you have it.

In the end, love and rehab conquered all, and Ryan and Mackenzie danced into the night, both of them fully conscious.

Or so we assume.

Watch Teen Mom: OG online to relive the many trials and tribulations that brought Ryan to where he is today.

Source: celebweddings