Hey, did you want to hear another piece of sad news today?

Sure, this one doesn’t affect nearly as many people as that other thing that happened today, but still, a tragedy is a tragedy.

You know how Khloe Kardashian has gotten pretty serious with Tristan Thompson lately?

There have been rumors that she’s pregnant with his child, and that they’re planning a very special reality show wedding.

And if the rumors aren’t enough to convince you, then Khloe’s actually said that she and Tristan tell each other they love each other.

So things actually are serious between them — or at least, they were.

See, Khloe made a little post on her website all about her own personal rules when it comes to dating.

“I’m old-fashioned in a lot of ways!” she revealed. “I don’t thing there’s necessarily a right or wrong way when it comes to dating but I definitely have certain preferences.”

She also added that she’s “Definitely into dinner the first time I hang out with a guy!” because “coffee is too casual.”

Khloe is “big on setting the tone with relationships.” For instance, “Sometimes, when I’m first talking to a guy, we both get shy, which makes it easier to text.”

“I like to show people how to treat me, so after we get the ball rolling, I’ll start calling more to make it known that’s what I want.”

“I think you have to teach people how to treat you at first,” she went on, “by doing and saying the things you want them to do and say in return.”

“You can’t just expect someone to know what the f-ck to do — no one’s a mind reader!”

This is apparently a dealbreaker for Khloe, who goes on to say that “I don’t want anyone to make me guess, either.”

“If you like apple pie and I keep making you carrot cake, tell me you like f-cking apple pie!”

All that being said, Khloe is “OK with being asked out over text message.”

But while Khloe has mixed feelings about texts vs. phone calls, she’s not as forgiving when it comes to the issue of who foots the bill for the first date.

“Guy pays!” she insisted. “You do you, honey, but I personally think the guy should pay on a first date.”

She believes that “Later on, it’s OK for the girl to offer but I’m not setting that precedent for the rest of the relationship.”

And all of Khloe’s thoughts make sense, and they’re totally fair, except for one thing.

Why is she thinking so hard about dating if she’s in such a serious relationship with Tristan?!

Maybe she’d written this up months ago, or maybe she’s just trying to provide general information for her followers.

But still … it’s all a little suspicious.

Source: celebweddings