Monday’s Counting On Season 5 Episode 7 saw Kendra and Joe prepare to tie the knot, but not before some big drama got in the way.

Some major issues threatened to derail the nuptials, namely Jedidiah getting bumped out and seeking revenge for Joe stealing his girl.

Kidding. That would’ve been super awesome though.

No, rather than sibling rivalry, the issue was logistical.

As the newlywed Duggar couple prepared to exit the chapel as husband and wife, the power in the church suddenly went out.

After a moment of silence, Caldwell and Duggar ran down the aisle arm-in-arm as the family scrambled to adjust to this hurdle.

“The power went out I guess in the city, so we are trying to light everything with candle light,” Jana Duggar said of the incident.

“Everything else is kind of shut down right now,” she added, “but we have all the food cooked [and] everything already set out.”

“I think everybody still has smiles on their faces and is having a good time,” Jedidiah said, before the power turned back on.

“And there it is!”

Before tying the knot, Joe received words of advice from a couple who has made it work for more than three decades together:

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar.

“I would say you have a tendency maybe to be a man of few words, which can be good,” patriarch Jim Bob told his young son.

However, he said that “I think, with your wife, try to make sure everything she does for you you praise her and you thank her.”

“Communicating to her about how much you love her, how much you cherish her. If you do that your marriage and your family will prosper.”

“A lot of guys think ‘she knows I love her’ but she needs to hear it. Keep that in mind every day of your life,” Jim Bob urged.

Michelle Duggar told her son how “we talk to other couples about how daddy and I have enjoyed 33 years of happy married life.”

While the idea of Jim Bob and Michelle offering marriage advice has been criticized by fans, she had plenty of it for Joseph.

One of her simple but profound tips is to never go to bed mad. Don’t let any problems linger. Go the extra mile. And be kind!

“If you will remember not to go to sleep with anything between you and Kendra – just make things right – your marriage will be a success.”

“Speak kind words to one another.”

“Always cherish her,” Michelle said. “Treat her with the utmost respect. And speak words of affirmation to encourage her.” 

In case you were wondering, Kendra Caldwell and Joseph Duggar finally shared their first kiss after they said “I do.”

Yes, they waited until the big day.

No breaking courtship rules or shotgun wedding rumors this time around, so that must be a welcome relief for JB.

As for rumors that Kendra Caldwell is already pregnant, we wouldn’t be shocked, but we don’t believe it’s the case.

As for rumors that Counting On is canceled, due to the lack of return date announced by TLC after this finale … ditto.

We wouldn’t be astonished if the Duggars’ luck has finally run out, but have no reason to believe it’s the case either.

Source: celebweddings