Last month, card-carrying members of Duggar Nation rejoiced following the announcement that Jessa Duggar is pregnant with her second child.

After all, procreation is what made the Arkansas family famous.

Beyond being a joyous occasion for any couple, for this crew it was something more. A year without a Duggar pregnancy is like a Patriots game in which Tom Brady fails to throw for a touchdown.

(Unfortunately for Pats fans, there’s bound to be a few of those this year.)

Anyway, the news that Jessa would be the next Duggar daughter to deliver a bundle of joy was met with an avalanche of heartfelt congrats, but also a fair amount of speculation:

When you examine the evidence, it’s not surprising that many fans believed further Duggar pregnancy announcements were on the way.

After all, just last year, there was talk of the two eldest married Duggar daughters Jill and Jessa getting pregnant at the same time

And this wasn’t mere tabloid gossip, mind you.

Their mother Michelle Duggar had 19 children in the span of 21.5 years, and both Jill and Jessa have spoken of wanting big families.

Moreover …

The sisters ruminated on this topic publicly and shared on multiple occasions that they’d like to get knocked up at the same time.

Add to that the rumors that Jinger Duggar is pregnant (hence, her accelerated courtship with fiance Jeremy Vuolo), and, well …

You can see why some Duggar aficionados believed that Jessa’s announcement would be the first of many, let’s put it that way.

In fact, the interest in the Duggar ladies’ uteruses has expanded to the point that in-laws are now being pulled into the fray.

Yes, rumors that Anna Duggar is pregnant by her disgraced husband, Josh Duggar, have ramped up in recent weeks. 

Now that Josh is officially back in her good graces, many fans and supposed insiders are insisting that an announcement is forthcoming.

Why she bothered to take him back after how he treated her is a discussion for another time. What we’re driving at here is this question:

Could there actually four Duggar babies on the way?

Well, according to those who know the family best, the Internet has once again proved to be fertile ground for unfounded BS.

Michelle and Jim Bob generally make a point of not addressing online rumors, but in a recent blog post, they came pretty close.

The founders of the famous fam appeared to (indirectly) shoot down reports that there are multiple Duggars currently in gestation:

“We are so thankful for our wonderful 32 years of marriage, 19 children, plus our daughter and sons in laws, and going on 7 grandkids.”

Not a direct denial, but probably as close to one as we’ll get.

Of course, there remains the possibility that Jim Bob and Michelle are either unaware of one of their daughters’ pregnancies.

Or they’re being evasive in order to avoid a scandal, or simply to hold off for a big reveal (or reveals!) later this year on TLC.

We really wouldn’t be surprised at either, to be honest. Why?

Until recently, Jill Duggar was living in a Zika hot zone with her husband and their young son, on their mission trip to El Salvador.

The news that she got pregnant in Central America (or shortly after returning to the States) would be sure to result in backlash from fans.

Speaking of backlash, anyone who’s familiar with the family’s strict rules of courtship knows that full frontal hugs aren’t even allowed.

Let alone nudity and exchanging of bodily fluids before marriage.

Therefore, the revelation that Jinger engaged in premarital sex would be a major blow to the family’s reputation as devout evangelicals.

So despite frequent reports to the contrary, for now it looks as though only one additional Duggar (Seewald) baby is soon to enter the world.

But knowing this family, the wait for another won’t be a long one.

Right now, the smart money is on Jinger – whose courtship with Jeremy is a the talk of the family these days – being the next to get knocked up.

Of course, you can be certain that that announcement won’t come until after her wedding and chaste, televised first kiss.

The dark horse would be Jill, whose son Israel is now over a year old, and who is now back in the friendly confines of Arkansas.

Either way, you can follow the link to watch Counting On online at TV Fanatic to see all of the relationships unfold for yourself.

And embark on your very own bump hunt!

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