It says a lot about the world of Teen Mom that Farrah Abraham and Debra Danielsen aren’t even the most dysfunctional mother-daughter pair to be featured in the franchise.

(That title belongs to Jenelle Evans and her remarkably shrill mother, Barbara Evans.)

But Farrah and Deb are still a special kind of messed up that you rarely see in everyday life, and it now it seems even they can’t handle how annoying they are in one another’s presence.

Farrah recently filmed Marriage Boot Camp with her mother and father (confusingly, it was the show’s “family edition” season), and it seems the crash-course counseling session actually made their relationship worse. 

In fact, Danielsen is now telling Radar Online that she hasn’t spoken to her daughter or seen her granddaughter, Sophia, in almost seven months:

“I have reached out many times,” Danielsen tells the site.

“Texts, phone calls, business things – everything is ignored.”

Danielsen is soon to be married, and she says she’s postponed her wedding so that Farrah and Sophia can be part of it, but she suspects Farrah has cut her off in part because she doesn’t approve of her soon-to-be stepfather:

“While that’s not the sole reason, I think he has an awful lot to do with it,” she said.

“It’s a hard situation.”

Danielsen added that she and her fiance are both eager to see the situation resolved amicably:

“I love my daughter and God knows I love my family. David and I want a happy, healthy and close family.”

Interestingly, Farrah flat-out denies that she’s cut off contact with her mother, telling Radar simply, “That’s a lie.”

Of course, if you watch Teen Mom online, you know that Farrah is pathologically incapable of telling the truth, so it’s a safe bet that she’s full of it on this one. 

Farrah made some illuminating comments during the filming of Marriage Boot Camp after her mother left the set for a few days in order to visit her fiance:

“I like to be surprised, I like to go on trips, too,” Farrah said.

“But not when it is a family boot camp and you need to go and be with your family.”

“You can lose your daughter because you have to choose a man over your daughter. My mom leaving the house makes me upset and it makes me sad.”

We’re thinking Farrah is more than a little jealous that someone else is getting attention from Deb.

It’s times like this we’re reminded that Farrah is basically 5 years old.

Source: celebweddings