If you enjoy high drama surrounding reality stars on HGTV, then you’ve surely been taking in every last little detail of the increasingly ugly divorce of Tarek and Christina El Moussa.

But then again, if you enjoy high drama surrounding reality stars on HGTV, then you’re probably completely overwhelmed with how awful things are between the Flip or Flop stars.

Because things are awful. Sincerely, incredibly, remarkably awful.

As we learned last month, Tarek and Christina separated after a terrifying incident involving guns and a whole mess of cops that went down in May.

After getting into some kind of argument in their California home, Tarek grabbed a gun and went outside, heading for a hiking trail. Christina followed him, looking extremely upset.

A few people witnessed all that and called the police, concerned that Tarek was suicidal. Police arrived soon after — 11 officers and one helicopter, to be exact.

But, according to Tarek, he’d just left the house to get some air after the fight. He took the gun in case he came across any dangerous critters along the way.

Several months went by after the incident, and it was only in December that we learned they’d separated.

After the news leaked, Tarek and Christina released a statement insisting, among other things, that they “plan to continue our professional life together.”

But that statement came several weeks ago now. And in the time since, things have obviously changed.

They’re currently filming for Flip or Flop, and reports have stated that the El Moussas aren’t getting along all that great. Shocking, right?

One source claimed that “Tarek yells at her in front of production,” and that “he is constantly putting her down.”

“He says he blames her for leaking information about their split and he thinks that she sabotaged their marriage.”

Another report, as horrific as it sounds, claims that Tarek has been joking about raping Christina on set.

So considering all that, you’d think that both of them would be eager to cut ties completely, right? Professional life and all.

But if you did think that, then you’d be wrong.

According to a new report from People, Tarek and Christina are urging HGTV to let them continue filming, even after this current season.

A source says that they “are very much committed and want to continue to work together and continue the show.”

Ultimately though, the decision to keep filming isn’t up to them — HGTV executive are keeping an eye on the ratings before ordering more seasons.

It shouldn’t be a problem though, considering ratings are way up for Flip or Flop.

So it looks like there’s a good chance we could be seeing a whole lot more of this couple.

What could possibly go wrong?

Source: celebweddings