Yesterday, we reported that Javi Marroquin and Kailyn Lowry are collaborating on an interesting new project.

It seems that Kailyn and Javi both feel that their separation and subsequent divorce were badly misrepresented by the media and the editing team behind Teen Mom 2, so they’ve decided to take it upon themselves to set the record straight.

Kailyn and Javi have each penned a memoir telling their side of the story, and the books will be released on the same day, thus giving fans unprecedented insight into one of TM2’s most buzzed-about relationships.

Yes, Lowry and Marroquin are essentially launching a book series chronicling their time together and their messy breakup.

They’re coming for you, J.K. Rowling!

Anyway, it may seem excessive to some fans, but there are so many rumors about Kailyn that it really might take two books to even begin setting them straight.

Especially since it doesn’t look like the speculation about her personal life will be letting up anytime soon.

The latest gossip has to do with reports that Javi is dating Briana DeJesus, the newest addition to the TM2 cast.

Both Javi and Briana have denied the rumors, but according to Hollywood Life, Marroquin and DeJesus recently enjoyed a Disneyland date with their kids in tow.

Insiders say Kailyn is less than pleased with how close Javi and Briana seem to be getting:

“Kailyn says she doesn’t want to get back together with Javi [Marroquin], and that it’s over between them for good, but her reaction to the rumors that he may be dating Briana [DeJesus] would seem to indicate otherwise,” a source tells the site.

“Kailyn isn’t happy at all about the way Javi has been gushing about Briana, and she was pissed when she found out they went to Disneyland together with the kids,” the tipster adds.

“The thought of Briana playing stepmom to her sons drives her insane. Kailyn knows that she has no right to tell Javi who he can and can’t hang out with, but that doesn’t stop her from having an opinion.”

The source seems to be of the opinion that Kailyn is jealous, but it’s more likely that she’s simply not thrilled with her son Lincoln being involved in the Javi-Briana situation.

In past interviews, Javi has stated that he’s careful about introducing women to his son, as he doesn’t want to create a confusing environment for the boy.

Javi was dating Lauren Comeau just two months ago, so if he and Briana are a couple, they haven’t been together for very long.

Holding off on introducing the kids to new partners seems to be something that Kailyn and Javi agreed upon together, and our guess is that’s what’s got Kailyn pissed off.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online to relive Kailyn and Javi’s tumultuous relationship.

Source: celebweddings