Yesterday, November 4th, was a big day for Jessa Duggar: it was her 24th birthday!

Well, it’s been a big week for her, really, as she so handily explained on Instagram a few days ago.

“So many milestones this week for our little family!” she wrote. “I’m overwhelmed by God’s kindness!”

“Nov 1st @ben_seewald and I celebrate out anniversary, Nov 3rd baby #2 enters the 3rd trimester, and Nov 5th #SpurgeonElliotSeewald celebrates his 1st birthday!”

With all those milestones, Jessa seemed to forget her own birthday, but don’t worry — her husband didn’t.

Ben Seewald got on the couple’s website yesterday to share a little letter he wrote with Jessa.

And yeah, sure, sometimes this family can be super gross, but this is adorable.

“Dearest Jessa,” the letter begins. “It’s your birthday, so I thought I’d take this opportunity to call you some names.”

OK, OK, that’s not a great start, but hold on, it gets cute real quick.

“‘Jessa-Blessa’: Because you were such a blessing to your parents growing up, and because you’re such a blessing to your own little family now. (Plus it rhymes!)”

But wait, there’s more! So much more you might get a toothache. From all the sweetness, get it? Do you get it?

“‘Bride’: I could call you ‘wife’ but ‘bride’ carries more of the romantic sentiment of our wedding day. Because I want the young love to continue and remember the vows we made to each other, I’ll call you ‘Bride’ … ‘MY Bride!'”

“‘Mother’: Throwing this one in here for Spurgeon and Baby #2 because you are such a loving and caring mother to them. Since they’re too young to say ‘Happy birthday,’ I’ll say it for them.”

“‘Beautiful’: Because you are! Inside and out!”

“‘Amazing’: Okay … maybe not a name, but you are amazing!”

(Ben’s really selling it now, right?)

“‘Beloved’: Because you’re my Beloved and you are beloved of God.”

Ben wrapped things up by writing “I thank God that He brought you into the world and that He brought us together!”

“You’ve blessed my life and the lives of others in so many ways! I love you from the depths of my heart!”

“Happy birthday, Sweetheart!”

Absolutely nauseating, right?

Of course we’d take seeing this over some of the other examples of Duggar marriage sadness we’ve seen recently, but still, it’s a little overwhelming.

A few of Jessa’s siblings wrote some simple little “Happy Birthday!” messages on social media, but her parents, good ol’ Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, were the only ones who came close to matching Ben’s thoughtfulness.

They wrote a letter of their own, and they addressed it to “Jessa-Blessa,” so it looks like that’s actually a nickname of hers.

“You are a blessing to us,” the OG Duggars wrote. “Happy Birthday!”

“You went from being a high energy fun loving child, to a fun loving, responsible, mature, visionary, virtuous wife and mother.”

“You have inspired thousands of young ladies to seek God, to wait for the one God has for them, and set an example how to dress modern, but modest.”

“May God continue to bless your pregnancy, marriage and family. We love you, Jessa!”

See? The Duggars can be OK! Sometimes!

Source: celebweddings