2017 is shaping up to be the biggest year yet for Jenelle Evans!

Well, if you don’t add misdemeanors and various drug charges up in your tally of what makes a year “big.”

Yes, we’re just a few short weeks into this year, and Jenelle’s already had a baby — her third child, the undeniably adorable Ensley Jolie.

She’s all set to move into her huge, beautiful house soon.

And, as of today, she’s engaged to boyfriend David Eason!

She shared this sweet photo, which we presume was taken just after David proposed:

You’ve got the happy couple, a dozen red roses, and, of course, the main attraction: what looks to be a pretty sizeable pear-shaped diamond ring on that very important finger.

Yeah, it looks like David did good.

In the caption, Jenelle wrote “We’ve decided on forever!”, along with a couple of relevant emojis and the hashtag “perfect timing.”

Two weeks after they had a baby together and several months after they bought a large chunk of land and began building a house together is “perfect timing”?

OK, Jenelle. Whatever you say.

As always, people seem to be pretty torn about this latest development in Jenelle’s life.

The comments on this photo are filled with congratulations and well wishes, but a lot of people are being a little more harsh.

Or a little more realistic, how ever you want to put it.

“Did he buy that ring with your money hahahaha,” someone asked, just for example.

“How many times has she ‘decided on forever’ lol this is like six times,” another pointed out.

And while that first thing is kind of catty — Jenelle makes hundreds of thousands of dollars on Teen Mom 2, so if she knew they were getting engaged and she wanted to drop more money on a fancier ring, that’s her decision.

But that second point is a little harder to ignore.

Jenelle was engaged to Andrew Lewis, the guy who fathered Jace, then she was engaged to boyfriend Gary Head, the guy who eventually got arrested for knocking her around.

After that, she got engaged and later married Courtland Rogers. Shortly after their wedding, the relationship went all to hell and they got divorced.

And then, after that, she got engaged to Nathan Griffith, father of her second son, Kaiser. And — surprise! — that relationship didn’t end well either.

So this is at least the fourth engagement for this girl. It makes sense for us to be concerned it’s not going to end well.

And even besides all that, David has his own problems. His ex placed a restraining order on him after he threatened to kill her, he insults Jenelle’s sons.

It just doesn’t seem like the greatest situation.

But hey, maybe Jenelle and David have really grown as people, maybe this engagement will actually stick.

Source: celebweddings