Jeremy Vuolo has gone ahead and spilled the baby beans.

In updating the biography on his church’s website, the pastor and reality star summarized his journey of faith and family, adding a new paragraph at the bottom about his relationship with Jinger Duggar.

And it’s a rather revealing paragraph, for one reason in particular.

The unexpected addition reads as follows:

Jeremy and his wife Jinger were married in November 2016 and now reside together in Laredo, Texas, on the border of the United States and Mexico, as Jeremy continues to serve as the pastor of Grace Community Church.

They are expecting their first child in July of 2018.

We added the italics and the bold for emphasis because this is the first we’ve heard of just when Jinger is expected to give birth.

We first heard about the child itself back on January 3 when Jinger and Jeremy shared the very simple, very informative and very sweet photo below.

It gets right to the point, doesn’t it?

The couple has only been married for about 18 months, but it only takes one instance of unprotected sex to create a baby.

(Keep that mind, all you kids out there.)

And, as we all know of course, members of the Duggar family waste no time at all when it comes to procreating.

Once that ring is on the woman’s finger, a certain body part (the penis) gets inserted into another certain body part (the vagina) as often as it takes to create life.

In response to their big news, famous loved ones sent their best wishes to Jinger and Jeremy, starting with Derick Dillard.

“Congratulations Jinger and Jeremy on expecting your first child!” wrote the controversial star two weeks ago, adding:

“We are so excited for y’all and know you’ll make excellent parents! Israel and Sam are getting at least 43% more cousins in 2018 and they be excited like WOOO!!!”

Ben Seewald later chimed in as follows:

“3 weddings in less than a year’s time, with @jeremy_vuolo & @jingervuolo, @austinandjoyforsyth, Joe & Kendra! 3 new babies (all boys) born in 2017, Henry, Samuel & Mason! And now…

“3 new babies due in 2018! Boys or girls, what are your guesses?”

Indeed, Joy-Anna is also pregnant, with fans wondering whether she will give birth birth or whether Jinger will become a mother first.

We have no way of knowing, of course.

Joy-Anna has not yet come out with her due date.

Which of these women do YOU think will give birth first?

Leave a comment below with your opinion.

And also with anything else you feel a need to say about this family.

They sure to elicit a range of emotions, don’t they?

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