Shortly after she married Jeremy Vuolo in November of 2016, Jinger Duggar became the first of her father’s daughters to permanently relocate from her native Arkansas.

Jinger and Jeremy moved to Laredo, Texas after their wedding, and it’s been said that Jim Bob Duggar was less than thrilled by that development.

So we’re guessing he’s really not too happy about what the couple may have in store next.

Last week, Jeremy got fans buzzing with a tweet about a potential career change.

Linking to a post about a job opening at an organization called Banner of Truth, Vuolo tweeted the following: 

“Ahhhhh!!! I told you this was my dream job.”

The ecstatic tone led fans to believe that Vuolo had already accepted the position.

That would be an interesting development, as it would require him to move to Edinburgh, Scotland.

Banner of Truth’s Twitter page describes it as “a Christian organisation which publishes books, organises conferences, and publishes a monthly magazine. You are what you read.”

Currently, Vuolo works as a preacher, and he’s been vocal about his passion for theological research, so it’s not hard to see why the position of editorial assistant at a Christian publishing company would appeal to him.

According to the Banner of Truth website, the job would have Vuolo directly involved in the publication of faith-based books and periodicals:

“The successful candidate will be involved in all aspects of the editorial work, from early manuscript development, to detailed editing, proofing, and page design,” the description reads.

It’s still unclear if Vuolo has accepted or even applied for the job, but fans are speculating that such a move would outrage Jim Bob for a number of reasons.

For starters, if Jim Bob was displeased when Jeremy and Jinger relocated to Texas, we’re guessing he’d really be angry if they up and moved across the pond.

On top of that, Jim Bob and Jeremy differ in their religious beliefs to the extent that Jim Bob was reportedly hesitant about giving his daughter permission to marry Vuolo.

It seems the primary point of contention is the fact that Jeremy is a Calvinist, a belief system that flies in the face of much that Jim Bob holds dear.

Though the movement began in France, Scotland is considered to the epicenter of modern Calvinism, a designation that Jim Bob is no doubt very much aware of.

A move to Scotland would send a strong message to Jim Bob from both Jeremy and Jinger, who’s been openly rebelling against some of the draconian strictures of her childhood ever since she became a Vuolo.

It’s impossible to predict how Jim Bob would respond, but it will certainly be interesting to see how all of this plays out.

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Source: celebweddings