The Duggars don’t approach dating and relationships in the same way as most families.

For that matter, they don’t really approach anything the way other families do.

But as we were recently reminded, the family takes their courtship rules and rituals almost as seriously as they take their procreation:

That’s a scene from last night’s episode of Counting On.

In it, Jinger Duggar is (creepily) counseled on the topic of proper courtship behavior by her brothers-in-law, Derick Dillard and Ben Seewald.

Because in Duggar Land, there’s nothing weird about telling your wife’s adult sister how far to go with her boyfriend.

Anyway, we almost saw Jinger and Jeremy get engaged last night, but producers pulled a fast one by hitting viewers with some “engegement special” BS instead.

Clearly, they’re running low on ways to drag this storyline out.

Of course, Jeremy has already put a ring on it in real life, so now he and Jinger can move on to the hot and heavy hand-holding stage (but still no sinful front-hugs!).

And the Duggars can focus on the marrying off another one of their kids.

You see, all these courtship rules are designed to impress upon kids that the purpose of love, marriage, sex and the very genitals beneath our jeans is to make babies.

The kids show they’ve taken that lesson to heart by only doin’ it with the person they’ve chosen to breed with.

And the parents do their part by giving their kids a hearty shove down the aisle right around the time they’re pent-up enough to start procreating like rabbits before the wedding caterers are done packing up.

The Duggars benefit from this system, as the endless parade of engagements, weddings and pregnancies gives the impression that they’re lives are actually interesting.

Of course, these days their brand is in trouble thanks to low ratings and advertisers who want nothing to do with the controversial clan.

Talk of Counting On getting canceled by TLC seems to surface once a week these days.

So it should come as no surprise that in the wake of Jinger Duggar’s engagement, the Duggars are reportedly laying serious pressure on 26-year-old John-David to get engaged.

Interestingly, sources say 21-year-old Joseph Duggar is also feeling the pressure to go a-courtin’ – but the family isn’t so concerned about John-David’s twin, Jana Duggar.

Of course, there may be good reason for that.

Dubbed “the Cinderella Duggar” by concerned fans, Jana has long played the role of assistant to her mother and caretaker to her younger siblings.

It often seems likely that Jana is being held back from living her own life so that she can continue to help around the house.

But since the Duggars are so concerned with overpopulating the Earth, isn’t it a little weird that they’d choose to leave a functioning uterus on the bench like that?

Yeah, but maybe they feel like Jana is so experienced with raising kids that she’ll be able to make up for lost time once they turn her loose.

Kinda like drafting Tom Brady for your fantasy league even though he’s suspended for four weeks, because you know he’ll be that much more of a beast in Week 5.

We’re pretty sure that’s all in the Bible.

Source: celebweddings