Is Josh Duggar, who already endured more than six months in rehab, back at the same facility as he awaits the birth of his fifth child?

Recent video of Josh and Anna Duggar getting off a plane in Illinois has sparked that rumor, but the evidence is a little … inconclusive.

Josh has indeed returned to his Bible-based treatment center, but it doesn’t look like he’s checking back into rehab as Radar suggests.

He and other family members were seen departing the Christian clan’s private plane in Rockford, Illinois, over the weekend.

Duggar fans may recall that this town is exactly where the soon-to-be dad of five sought treatment at Reformer’s Unanimous.

In August 2015 following his molestation and infidelity scandals, the troubles star checked in for many months of treatment.

Little is known about the type of treatment he received, as the secretive facility has been likened to a Christian labor camp.

In any case, we can tell you this much:

Despite rumors that shook Duggar Nation to its core last week that Anna Duggar secretly gave birth and didn’t tell anyone … she didn’t.

In the Rockford Scanner video above, she appears heavily pregnant, and in the image above, the 29-year-old is even more obviously so. 

(Of course, she was also flying while in her third trimester, which sent fans into a frenzy for other reasons, but that’s a different controversy.)

The Counting On family – Josh, Anna, Jim Bob, John David Duggar and others – arrived at the local airport on August 20 around 1 p.m.

Local reporter Rickie Traeger noted that Joshua failed to help his expectant wife out of the plane, though she made it out just the same.

What were they doing there, though?

Anna Duggar captioned the image:

“Grat time w/ @PatchAdventures & friends at North Love Baptist Church tonight & grateful for their ministry”

Later on, Anna posted a pic of the family posing at North Love Baptist Church in Rockford, which has an interesting connection to Josh. 

Josh was reportedly forced to attend regular rehab recovery meetings at that very location, though it’s unclear if he was doing so here.

The Duggars’ ties to the ministries in Rockford were long believed to be the reason RU was selected as Josh’s rehab center of choice.

Clearly, continuing some form of therapy is a good idea given his obvious issues, but there’s no clear sign he’s back in in-patient treatment.

Josh admitted to cheating on his wife and harboring a secret porn addiction after being outed as an Ashley Madison in 2015.

Earlier that same year, it was revealed that he molested four of his little sisters, then minor children, back in the early 2000s.

He completed a lengthy stint at RU, subsequently returning to Arkansas where he’s been something of a pariah ever since.

According to a family source, Josh remains in church therapy with a pastor in the area to help cope with his past philandering.

However, the insider said, he did not receive medical help for his very serious issues, similar to when he confessed them as a teenager.

If anything, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s attempt to handling things “in house” tarnished their reputation more than Josh’s misdeeds.

In conclusion:

If the trip to Rockford this weekend tells us anything, it’s that the Duggars’ ties to that community are strong, and that includes Josh’s.

Also, it indicates that at least to a degree, Josh is not an outcast within his own family, as he was as recently as Jinger’s wedding (above).

What this doesn’t tell us conclusively is whether or not this visit pertains to Josh’s ongoing treatment, or if it was merely a coincidence.

Stay tuned.

Source: celebweddings