If you’re a fan of her family, then you’re no doubt aware by now that Joy-Anna Duggar is pregnant with her first child.

Of course, everything the Duggars do these days is surrounded by controversy, and Joy-Anna’s pregnancy is no different.

And how could a pregnancy announcement from a married woman be controversial, you ask?

Well, most of the gossip has to do with the fact that Joy-Anna got pregnant just three months after marrying Austin Forsyth, and some fans believe she looks like she’s further along than that.

Given the strict nature of the Duggar courtship rules that forbid premarital sex, if Joy-Anna did get pregnant before her wedding, many of the family’s most pious followers would consider the situation to be downright scandalous.

And it’s not just sex that’s off-limits to unmarried Duggars.

Any physical contact beyond hand-holding is considered ungodly, and for reasons we don’t quite understand, the strict enforcement of these rules is part of what makes the Duggars so popular.

Any indication that the whole “courtship” thing is just a front would leave patriarch Jim Bob with some serious explaining to do.

So we get why it’s fun to speculate that Joy-Anna and Austin may have given into the devilry of lust before they walked down the aisle.

Unfortunately, the situation has led to some intense scrutiny of Joy-Anna’s body, which is decidedly not cool.

“She’s a bigger woman than her sisters,” one fan wrote on Joy-Anna’s Instagram announcement.

“She’s thick and she has bigger breasts, and they say bigger women show more. My mom looked like she was having triplets with me, but in fact it was because of the fluid around me when I was a fetus,” she further elaborated.

It’s worth pointing out that that’s a comment from a fan who’s defending Joy-Anna by arguing that she’s being honest about her pregnancy timeline.

With friends like that, who needs enemies?

Look, in all likelihood, if Joy-Anna got pregnant before she got married, we would never find out about.

The Duggars control the release of information about their private lives more effectively than any reality TV family, and they would never admit to one of their children getting knocked up out of wedlock.

So speclate away, but bear in mind that putting photos of Joy-Anna’s pregnant body under a microscope is cringe-worthy at best, repugnant at worst.

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Source: celebweddings