If you’re a fan of her family, then you’re probably already aware that Joy-Anna Duggar is pregnant with her first child.

And you may also be aware that there’s a good deal of controversy surrounding the pregnancy, as many believe Joy is lying about the date of her conception.

And why would she perpetrate such a bizarre deception?

Well, the prevailing theory is that Joy actually got pregnant before she married Austin Forsyth back in May.

As the Duggars famously condemn all forms of premarital sex, the revelation that Joy got knocked up out of wedlock would make her parents look like hypocrites for roughly the 47,000th time.

So the motive to mislead fans is there, but what about the proof?

Thus far, nothing concrete has emerged, but many Duggar fans point to several developments that might serve as indications that Joy and her family are trying to pull a fast one on their fan base.

For starters, there’s the fact that Joy and Austin admitted to breaking courtship rules prior to their engagement.

Of course, Joy’s family is so strict, this can literally mean that they spent some un-chaperoned time in a room together, but since holding hands usually doesn’t result in pregnancy, the consensus is that things went a bit further than that.

Then there’s the fact that Joy and Austin rescheduled their wedding at the last minute.

Yes, a wedding that was originally scheduled for October of 2017 was moved up to May without any explanation.

We assume Plan B was to alter Jill’s dress for her baby bump and fall back on the old “immaculate conception” excuse.

Speaking of that bump, check out Exhibit C:

That’s a photo of Joy that leaked earlier this week.

The Duggars haven’t posted any pics of the 20-year-old in nearly six weeks (another red flag), but the above pic was uploaded to Instagram by a family friend on Monday.

Many have commented that Joy appears to be more than five months along in the latest snap.

But others have proffered a different theory:

Could it be that Joy is pregnant with twins?

That rumor is bandied about pretty much every time a Duggar daughter gets married, as twins certainly seem to run in the family.

Thus far, none of the women in Joy’s generation have given birth to twins, but there’s a first time for everything.

Currently, Joy boosters are supporting the theory, as would explain why she appears to be more than five months pregnant.

But we’d like to counter with the argument that if Joy were carrying twins, her family would likely come out with it, so as to silence the conspiracy theorists.

Either way, we’re sure to find out the truth soon enough.

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Source: celebweddings