Doesn’t it feel like we’ve been dealing with divorce drama from Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin for years now?

Maybe it’s because we’ve seen so much of it play out on Teen Mom 2, but whatever the reason, it’s been overwhelming for a while now.

We know that their issues began in late 2015, after Javi blamed Kailyn for a miscarriage.

After that, the timeline gets a little muddled: they’ve said that they legally separated that December, meaning that while Javi was deployed, they technically weren’t together.

But on the show, we saw them try to work out their relationship while he was overseas.

It seems like even though things were over between them for a long time, they were hesitant to end things officially.

After all, their divorce wasn’t finalized until this past winter.

When Javi came home last summer, we saw him desperate to try to make things work with Kailyn, and we saw him react poorly when she wasn’t receptive to his attempts.

It’s all very confusing, and very sad.

And with this new sneak peek from the upcoming season of Teen Mom 2, it’s clear that things haven’t gotten much better.

In the clip, Javi drops Lincoln off at Kailyn’s home after spending some time with him — by the way, Lincoln is still as adorable as ever.

Javi tells her that he has to go to his lawyer’s office to sign some papers, then the divorce would be official.

“No turning back now,” he says. “This is it. We made it.”

“Or we didn’t make it,” Kailyn points out.

It’s clearly an awkward moment between the two of them, and Javi only makes it more awkward by going in for a kiss.

Yes, after informing his soon-to-be ex-wife that their marriage is almost over forever, he thinks it’s a good time for a kiss.

But hey, at least it seems like they don’t hate each other as much as they did last season!

Then again, she’s not visibly pregnant here, so who knows what these new episodes will bring.

Check out Kailyn and Javi’s current state of affairs in the video below:

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