Fact: Kailyn Lowry, at this point in time, is probably the most controversial Teen Mom cast member of them all.

It may sound a little strange when you consider some of the other scandals this amazing reality show has brought us – for instance, Kailyn has never been filmed while high on heroin.

But it’s true.

If there’s any doubt, all you have to do is glance at her social media accounts … you’ll see what we mean real fast.

For example, last week, the Teen Mom 2 star tweeted that she was tired – understandable with a newborn! – but she wanted to try to stay awake so she could watch the latest episode of The Sinner, a new TV show.

Someone actually commented: “You’re staying up for yourself …?”

That’s the kind of reaching people are doing just to hate on her, and most of the comments she gets aren’t as innocent as that.

She’s dealt with people making racist remarks about her children, she constantly gets criticized for her looks.

(Which is silly because, let’s be real, she’s always been pretty.)

Then, when we learned that she’d suffered a miscarriage while married to Javi Marroquin, her ex-husband and the father of her second child.

That event would have been painful enough, even if he hadn’t blamed her for it, some particularly ruthless Teen Mom viewers felt the need to start vicious rumors about that, too.

It’s got to be awful for her.

Like, yeah, she did sign up for a reality show knowing full well that her private life would be filmed, edited, and presented as entertainment for the masses.

But the things people say about her go beyond fair criticism — far, far beyond.

… Why though?

If you actually look at her story, Kailyn has been through so much, and to come out of everything as well as she has is pretty amazing.

Her father abandoned her. Her mother was an alcoholic.

She’s been open about the fact that she had to look out for herself from an extremely young age, because no one else was looking out for her.

When she got pregnant as a teenager, she was forced to move into the home of Jo Rivera (her ex-boyfriend and the father of her first child) and his parents.

Judging by early seasons of Teen Mom 2, this wasn’t exactly a picnic.

After she broke up with Jo, she moved into an apartment with her son Isaac, working hard to support herself and that darling little boy.

In fact, there’s a good chance she’s worked more than any of the other Teen Moms, from those early years to the present day.

She continued working until the MTV money picked up and she was able to devote more of her time to her children and her education.

Speaking of, how many ladies from the show have their Bachelor’s degrees?

One. And her name is Kailyn.

Of course she’s had her controversial moments, some of which she’s brought upon herself, but others which were undoubtedly blown out of proportion because cameras were rolling.

In any case, it goes along with the whole reality show gig, and she’s always been quick to admit her faults.

But to come after her kids, to ignore her accomplishments, or to blame her for things that are completely out of her control?

It really just does not make sense.

Source: celebweddings