Oh dear.

90 Day Fiance has introduced us to a number of … interesting characters. From the demanding and sometimes violent Anfisa Arkhipchenko to the sweet but torn Paola Mayfield, these people starred on 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After because they were interesting.

But it looks like Danielle Mullins’ backstory is more “interesting” than any of us realized. And suddenly some of the accusations that Mohamed Jbali made during their marriage make a whole lot of sense. …

From the beginning, even though Danielle and Mohamed did get married, there were … problems between the two of them.

Mohamed Jbali is from Tunis, Tunisia and he is only a few years over half Danielle’s age.

As much as we’d like to celebrate a relationship where the woman is older and the man is younger as a fist shaking in the face of outdated gender roles and stereotypes, that degree of age difference is a red flag.

No matter the genders involved.

The two of them met in a chat room, and that was all that it took for Mohamed Jbali to move to the US.

Danielle lost her job just days before their wedding — not that she was making much money to begin with.

Mohamed had claimed to have a job but, as it turned out, he was lying at the time.

Danielle, it turned out, hadn’t been entirely honest, as she’d apparently written bad checks and also used someone else’s credit card.

Until now, we never knew the extent of her criminal background.

During the marriage, Danielle Mullins and Mohamed Jbali only had sex once, to consummate their union.

After that, Danielle accused Mohamed of cheating on her, Mohamed accused Danielle of using his money without his permission and also of having an unpleasant body odor.

The two are now divorced, though Danielle tried to do what she could to get an annulment so that she could deport Mohamed, which some saw as her being vengeful over Mohamed not sleeping with her after she demanded sex.

So, let’s run that down.

An accusation of writing a bad check.

An accusation of using someone else’s credit card.

And then an accusation of using Mohamed Jbali’s credit card and of creating a fake account in Mohamed’s name, which both sound like serious ways of abusing her marriage and her (now former) husband’s finances.

Well, it turns out that what we heard on 90 Day Fiance is only the tip of the criminal iceburg, if these records that Reddit dug up are to be believed.

Danielle Mullins is no jewel thief, but these all look like crimes.

Yes, one of those appears to be for driving without wearing a seatbelt.

Honestly, we can see why someone would want to steal money, even if we can’t imagine doing that ourselves. It’s harder to wrap our heads around the motive for driving without a seatbelt.

It’s strange to us that this didn’t come up when they were casting 90 Day Fiance in the first place. Surely the producers ran background checks. Like, grocery stores run background checks before they hire you.

So we’re guessing that it did come up, but that producers either determined that the crimes were sufficiently petty (and non-violent) or in the past or worth the risk for the entertainment value that they hoped to get from Danielle’s (brief, it turns out) marriage to Mohamed Jbali.

But we don’t think that Danielle ever wanted that to become public.

On Facebook, Danielle wrote:

“Yes, I used someone’s credit card and it was a mistake. Yes, in the beginning I was charged with [four] or [five] felonies… This happened in 2005 and I regret it and I paid my restitution, courts costs, and served probation.”

That … doesn’t explain away that whole list.

These days, we hope that Danielle Mullins has cleaned up her act.

It looks like Danielle Mullins is entering a new career in reality television, but criminal activity can be a huge liability for network execs.

The real question is whether she’ll be sufficiently entertaining when she’s not paired with Mohamed Jbali.

Mohamed Jbali has not been deported, though it sounds like Danielle is still trying to get him deported.

It’s said that she has a new boyfriend who also lives a long distance from her. For his sake, he’d better not upset her.

Danielle can hold a grudge.

And, from the sound of things, he might want to take extra steps to secure his finances. Just in case.

Source: celebweddings