Keanna Arnold claims Jasmine Washington isn’t the only woman Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’s Kirk Frost has been stepping out on his wife with.

She’s his mistress as well!

If you watch Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta online or have been following celebrity gossip lately, you’ve likely heard about the drama in question:

Jasmine Washington has been cast on the show this season, seemingly for the sole purpose of claiming Kirk fathered her son Kannon.

Washington confronted Kirk at co-star Joseline Hernandez’s ball on the premiere and alleged that he was the father of her infant son.

Kirk, of course, is married to Rasheeda Frost, with whom he has two children of his own (he has seven in total if you include Kannon).

Frost has denied the claim, and Rasheeda has stood by her man, but VH1 confirmed Kirk is the father of Jasmine’s baby this week.

Things are going from bad to worse for him now, too.

Another woman has come forward with a similarly scandalous accusation, saying that Washington isn’t Frost’s only stripper side chick.

Keanna Arnold says she’s been boning Kirk on the reg, which would be crazy enough, but her current relationship to Jasmine is bizarred.

Washington her three-way relationship with Keanna and co-star Mimi Faust’s ex-boyfriend Rodney Bullock on this week’s VH1 episode.

Guess Rod’s isn’t the only rod they’ve shared.

“I got with Kirk while Rod was in jail,” Keanna explained, dubiously adding, “I had no idea that he also had something going on with Jasmine.”

“Come to find out, me and Jasmine are sharing a man again,” she adds, and for real, what are the chances of that possibly happening?

If it sounds too good/scripted to be true, it very well may be, as Mimi felt that something wasn’t right with Jasmine and Keanna’s stories.

She knows Rod can be a “scam artist,” and Mimi is a woman who has a daughter with Stevie J, so she’s well versed in her shady dudes.

Mimi’s gut said that Bullock was pimping Washington and trying to set Kirk by making his girlfriends pretend to be Kirk Frost’s ho train.

The theory there is that once he learned Jasmine was pregnant, he seized on the opportunity to fabricate and capitalize on the storyline.

Jasmine, though, is adamant that the baby is Kirk’s.

“I’m getting real sick of everybody acting like Kirk and Rasheeda’s kids are the only ones that matter,” Washington lamented this month.

“What about my child, whose own father is denying him? I didn’t force Kirk to have sex with me,” she adds. “It takes two people to cheat.”

Moreover, “he’s the only one of us who is married.”

Jasmine Washington makes a point. Kirk has a wife and family of his own. She just has a boyfriend/pimp who is also banging Keanna.

It looks like she’s telling the truth, too. As you can see above, VH1 updated an old gallery on its website to specifically say Kirk is the dad.

“Kirk has seven children,” says the post. “Ky and Karter with wife Rasheeda. He also has daughters Cherry and Kelsie and other sons.”

Then, the coup de grace, mentioning the love child by name: “Kirk most recently fathered an infant son named Kannon Mekhi.”

With seven kids by at least three different women, Kirk isn’t known for his fidelity … but multiple side-piece baby betrayal is next-level stuff.

We’ll see if Rasheeda stands by him now.

Source: celebweddings