Kendra Wilkinson … well, to put it mildly, Kendra Wilkinson has a wide variety of issues going on.

Issues that, altogether, make her one of the most ridiculous celebrities in the history of celebrities.

Like, the girl’s husband cheated on her, and she managed to milk the affair for two seasons of her reality show, plus a stint on Marriage Boot Camp.

She has a troubled relationship with her mother, so she brought her on television to tell her that the devil had eaten her soul.

There’s a lot to unpack with her, and it’s 100 percent silly.

So sure, why wouldn’t she make herself a mother of three?

In a new interview with E! News, Kendra sat down to talk about a bunch of things, including the possibility of having a third child.

She’s already mom to little Hank Jr. and Alijah, but is she thinking about expanding her brood to zone-defense instead of man-to-man levels?

“Hank and I talked about having a third kid the other day,” she began, “and I’m like “NOPE!”

She said that Hank wants to have another kid, but “as they get older, I’m sacrificing them for me. You know, it’s about me right now.”

Her children, by the way, are 7 and 2.

In other words, it’s not like she’s focusing on herself now that the kids are about to leave the nest.

Mother of the Year over here said that she’s “looking too good” to get pregnant again.”

See Kendra explain more about her overwhelming selfishness in the interview below:

Source: celebweddings