For the past several months, rumors have been circulating that Kevin Hart cheated on his wife, Eniko Parrish.

And now, at long last, he’s confirming the rumors — explicitly.

This whole mess began this summer, when a video of Kevin began making the rounds. The video showed him sitting in a car with two other people, one being a woman who was not his wife.

Nothing really happened in that video, but people far and wide viewed it as evidence that he’d been stepping out on Eniko, who was pregnant at the time with their first child.

Then, in September, a woman who was later revealed to be a stripper named Montia Sabbag tried to blackmail him with video footage she had of them together.

It wasn’t a sex tape in the truest sense, but the tape did seem to heavily imply sex.

After the news of the video began circulating, Kevin tried to get in front of the scandal by apologizing to his family in an Instagram video.

“I made a bad error in judgment and I put myself in a bad environment where only bad things can happen and they did,” he explained.

He also said “It’s a sh-tty moment. It’s a sh-tty moment when you know you’re wrong and there’s no excuses for your wrong behavior. At the end of the day, man, I just simply gotta do better.”

Reading between the lines, he definitely admitted to the cheating, right?

But still, he never directly confessed to it … until now!

In a lengthy interview on the Power 105.1 radio show, Kevin discussed what happened that night, and though we all pretty much knew the basics, it’s still pretty shocking to hear him talk about it like this.

When asked what he was thinking when he “got caught cheating,” he admitted “It’s beyond irresponsible.”

“There’s no way around it,” he continued. “The best way to do is just address it right on, you just gotta say exactly what it is: that’s Kevin Hart in his dumbest moment.”

“That’s not the finest hour of my life, but that being said, you make your bed, you lay in it. You can’t even say ‘What were you thinking?’, because you weren’t thinking.”

Continuing his stream of real talk, he said “That’s where the false reality comes in to a f-ck-up. You don’t plan to f-ck up, you f-ck up and then you go ‘Oh sh-t, I f-cked up.'”

“I rightfully stand in front of my f-ck-up, hands in the air. I’m guilty, regardless of how it happened and what was involved and sh-t I can’t talk about. I’m guilty.”

He elaborates more on what he means by “sh-t I can’t talk about” momentarily, but for now he says that since he is guilty of cheating, “I’m gonna face the music.”

“I’m gonna go home, I’m gonna address it, I’m gonna make my wife full aware of what’s going on and the situation I have now put us in, and I’m hoping she has a heart to where she can forgive me and understand that this is not going to be a reoccurring thing and allow me to recover from my f-cking massive mistake.”

It’s refreshing that he’s able to admit that he’s completely wrong, isn’t it?

About Eniko and how she’s handling the whole thing, he said that “It’s a cold house. It’s a very cold house for a minute, and rightfully so.”

From there, he insisted that this is the first time he cheated — despite rumors that he was cheating on his first wife with his current one.

He explained that his first marriage wasn’t great, and that they were both with other people before the divorce because they were both “done” with each other.

“That’s not f-cking up,” he said. “This time, granted, I f-cked up. But in f-cking this up, I’m like ‘I gotta repair this because this is what I want. This is my foundation.”

Well, that’s … sweet? Kind of?

Next, he was asked about what circumstances led to the cheating, but Kevin answered with “I can’t even get into the f-cked up status behind the whole thing, there’s a real federal investigation.”

Still, he was sure to follow up with “regardless of that, I’m wrong.”

However, he does say that “When this sh-t breaks down, you’re gonna be like ‘Oh my f-cking god,’ it’s the freakiest of the freakiest.”

The whole thing, he said, was “a reality check and a gut-punch from God.”

Since the whole thing went down, Kevin said that he and Eniko have been trying to move forward with their relationship — and they even welcomed their first child together, an adorable little boy named Kenzo, last month.

She’s still upset with him, and according to him, that’s her right, and she’ll be upset from time to time for a long time, probably.

But he’s willing to admit his mistake, and they’re willing to work it out together.

So as far as cheating scandals though, Kevin seems to be making out as best as he possibly can.

… Congrats?

Source: celebweddings