Leah Messer became a mom in her teens, and obviously, the decision worked out quite well for her.

If Leah had waited until her twentieth birthday to get knocked up, she’d be working her way up from greeter to cashier, but as it stands, she’s a famous reality star.

Sadly, the same can’t be said for Leah’s 21-year-old sister, Victoria Messer, who welcomed her first child yesterday.

Leah shared the news with fans by posting the above photo of herself and her new niece, Camillia Raelynn.

“Omgoodnessss she is so perfect!” Leah captioned the pic.

Victoria has been making appearances on Teen Mom 2 for years, and she’s even gained her own online following.

Victoria married Brian Jones in April of last year.

At the time, the wedding drew the attention of fans due to the fact that Leah attended solo, thus seemingly confirming rumors that she was separated from Jeremy Calvert.

Victoria announced that she was pregnant with a boy in September of 2015, but she appears to have suffered a miscarriage.

Thankfully, her second pregnancy reportedly went smoothly, and mother and daughter are both resting comfortably.

Leah has been gushing about little Cami – as she’ll apparently be known – and her “trooper” of a younger sister non-stop.

Naturally, fans have been offering their congratulations by the thousand.

As for Leah herself, well – believe it or not, everything seems to be relatively stable in her life these days.

Leah is single; she’s getting along with both baby daddies; and it even looks as though she’s getting her kids to school on time.

It might make for boring season of TM2, but it’s nice to see that things are settling down a bit for the troubled fan favorite.

No word yet on if Victoria will be making any appearances on the show’s forthcoming eighth season.

Filming wrapped a few weeks ago (the ladies recently assembled in NYC to film the reunion show), so it looks as though Victoria’s delivery will not be featured on the show.

Fortunately, there’s always social media for people like Leah to share the few details of their lives that aren’t televised.

Source: celebweddings