It may be quite some time before we find out exactly what’s going on between Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson.

Insiders say Cleveland Cavaliers forward has dumped Khloe in order to eliminate off-court distractions, but we may not know for sure until the Cavs are eliminated from the playoffs – or King James and company manage to slay the giants coming out of the West for a repeat championship.

One thing we do know for sure is that the odds of Khloe ever getting back together with Lamar Odom are virtually non-existent.

Khloe and Lamar’s divorce was finalized back in December, and while Odom has expressed hopes for a reconciliation, Khloe seems to have fully moved on.

Back in March we learned that Odom is dating a Khloe look-alike, and while that may seem like an encouraging sign that he’s finally ready to leave his marriage in the past, sources close to the former NBA star say that’s not actually the case.

According to OK! magazine, Khloe believes that Lamar still wants her back, and his decision to get involved with a Khloe doppelganger is just the latest in a long line of attempts to make her notice him.

“She assumes this new romance is another desperate attempt to catch her attention and she’s right,” one insider tells the site, adding:

“Lamar’s obsessed with winning Khloe back, even though it will never happen.”

Tipsters who know the former couple best say the indications that Odom still has Khloe on the brain go far beyond his decision to date a dead-ringer.

In fact, they claim even the fact that he still lives in LA is a sign that he still pictures a future with his ex:

“He promised to move back to New York and live with his dad once the divorce came though, but now he’s acting like a bigger fame whore than ever,” says one source.

“The worst part of it is that he hits up all of Khloe’s favorite hangouts and still tries to force himself on her friends – even her family,” the insider adds.

The worst part, sources claim, is that just as she was starting to feel like she and her ex was getting to a place where they could be friends, Khloe is now back to fearing that she’s not safe around Lamar.

Witnesses claim that back in March, Odom tried to fight Thompson following an argument over Khloe, and the incident left the reality star feeling as though she may soon need legal protection.

“She’ll end up having to take out a restraining order eventually,” says one anonymous friend.

Source: celebweddings