Ralph is not as dumb as we first thought. 

On The Flash Season 4 Episode 11, it was his turn to step up and defend the mean streets of Central City because the Flash was incarcerated. 

When the episode opened, Ralph was going after Trickster, but he had to let Trickster get away because he was not strong enough to take the villain down. 

That’s when Ralph met up with Barry in Iron Heights because he what he needed to do in order to be ruled a success story. 

Barry was quick to point out that he was sometimes scared, but fear was not going to save lives, and it helped. 

Ralph got a brand new suit that looked great. Cisco has the best one-liners and costumes. He’s an asset to the team. 

The new costume and the pep talk from Barry gave Ralph what he needed to overpower both Trickster and Prank. 

But Ralph still struggled because he did not have his own nickname of yet, and felt like it was the time he was given one. 

“I’m elongated, man,” he sighed to his comrades. 

When Cisco and Raph celebrated their win with some alcohol, they struggled because they did not have any cash on them to pay for the drinks. 

In a surprising move, the waitress from Barry and Iris’ wedding appeared and paid the tab for them. Could this chick be Barry and Iris’ daughter from the future?

The woman subsequently wrote in a journal and scribbled the symbols Barry covered the CCPD walls with when he made his way back from the Speed Force. 

Coincidence? We think not. 

Meanwhile, in Iron Heights, Barry was having a tough time. Not everyone was impressed to have him in prison and, the rougher inmates wanted to, well, rough him up. 

Big Sir appeared and wanted to keep Barry safe on the inside, and he had a connection to Henry, so that was part of the reason why the man wanted to keep him safe. 

The good thing about being in prison was that it gave Barry free reign to attack the bad guys with his speedster powers. We’re sure they will be rehabilitated in no time. 

Then, there was an emotional meet-up between Barry and Iris. The pair were struggling to go on. They’ve had a horrible post-wedding life. 

Thankfully, Barry used his powers to go through the glass, and it allowed the husband and wife to touch each other once again. 

How long will the prison storyline go on? We have no idea, but we’re kind of digging it. 

What did you think of the episode?

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