On Tuesday afternoon, after 48 hours of rampant, Internet-breaking speculation, Kylie Jenner revealed her daughter’s name.

It took a lot of fans by surprise, both because of the name itself and because it was so different from what people had expected.

But fans have wondered, since even before that announcement, whether Kylie would give her daughter her last name … or that of her baby daddy, Travis Scott.

Well, wonder no more, because Kylie is sharing that with the world. But her baby’s last name isn’t Jenner or Scott. …

Since news first broke last September of Kylie’s pregnancy, fans have wondered what sort of name she’ll go with.

She and all of her sisters were named following a particular convention — K-names.

All of Kim and Kanye’s names for their three children — North, Saint, and Chicago — have been unique.

Earlier this week, fans believed that Kylie would name her baby “Butterfly” because of the overwhelming presence of the butterfly motif in the pregnancy video that Kylie shared.

Then came a new report suggesting a subtler name along those same lines.

This report claimed that Kylie would name her baby Mariposa — which is Spanish for “butterfly” but also sounds more like a name — and that she planned to nickname her baby Posie.

The butterflies turned out to be a huge red herring. Quite frankly, we’re at a loss to explain why Kylie covered her nursery with images of them.

As you must know by now, Kylie’s newborn daughter who is not yet a week old is named Stormi.

Born on February 1, Stormi will be a week old on Thursday.

Now, admittedly, not everyone is in love with the name.

Some say that it sounds like a “stripper name,” which is an unkind thing to say about sex workers who deserve respect.

They’re right in the sense that it doesn’t sound like a name that usually goes on anyone’s birth certificate, however.

It’s been pointed out that there’s already a woman named “Stormy” who is big in the news.

Stormy Daniels is the porn star who allegedly had an affair with Donald Trump shortly after he was married to Melania.

Whatever people may think of Kylie’s choice in naming her daughter, a question lingered:

What is Stormi’s last name?

Kylie and Travis aren’t married. They’re not even engaged.

Would Kylie name her baby after her baby daddy?

That would be the traditional thing to do, and the Kardashians are surprisingly traditional about a number of things.

(Kourtney’s kids all have their father’s last name, after all.)

But … people wondered about the role that Travis Scott – a figure somewhat shrouded in mystery – might play in the child’s life.

In fact, even on the day that Kylie announced her daughter’s birth, fans wondered if Kylie would be a single mom.

The good news is that Kylie’s baby video showed that Travis Scott is no deadbeat, contrary to a number of unpleasant rumors that circulated while Travis toured during Kylie’s “secret” pregnancy.

Clearly, the video shows Travis attending multiple different appointments with Kylie, seeing the ultrasounds.

The two are even side-by-side at family gatherings — of the Kardashians, of Travis’ family in Houston, and of both families.

In one part of the video, clearly around Christmas, Travis Scott seems unable to resist kissing Kylie’s baby bump.

So it only makes sense that Kylie named her baby … Stormi Webster.

Kylie updated the Instagram post in which she shared the first name to include her precious daughter’s last name.

No, this isn’t a situation where the baby daddy is someone totally unknown.

And, no shade, but we suspect that Kylie isn’t obsessed with dictionaries.

That’s actually Travis Scott’s last name.

Travis Scott is just his stage name as a rapper, folks. Again, not a lot of people know this, or much of anything about him for that matter.

His actual birth name is Jacques Webster. Which is a genuinely great name (if admittedly perfect for a French rip-off of Spider-Man).

So Kylie named her precious baby Stormi Webster, stamping the baby daddy’s last name on there. And that’s all there is to it.

Congrats to the happy family!

Source: celebweddings