Back in November, several media outlets (including this one) reported on the widespread rumor that Lady Gaga and Christian Carino are engaged.

The couple has yet to confirm those claims, but it looks more and more like they’re letting their silence do the talking.

Gaga has never been shy about refuting inaccurate reports about her private life, so it seems she has no problem with the public believing that she’s soon to be married.

And she certainly didn’t seem shy about rocking a massive oval-shaped pink diamond on her commitment finger at this year’s Grammys.

So either she really said yes, or she’s just messing with her Little Monster’s minds at this point.

As best we can tell, Gaga’s breakup with Taylor Kinney and the ensuing media circus left a lasting mark on the singer, and this time around, she’s keeping a much tighter lid on her prenuptial preparations.

Of course, no one as obsessed-over as Gaga can really keep a secret for very long.

So perhaps it should come as no surprise that Life & Style claims to have uncovered the mystery of where and when Gaga and Carino are planning to tie the knot.

“Gaga and Christian are planning to wed in Italy this summer,” a source exclusively tells the tabloid.

“It will be an over-the-top affair combined with classic Italian traditions.”

Yes, Lady Gaga’s wedding ceremony will combine the outlandish with the traditionally Italian.

In other news, water remains wet; Pope Francis has no plans to convert to Judaism, etc.


The insider goes on to reveal that guests will enjoy an “Italian-inspired menu,” which frankly, doesn’t feel like much of a bombshell following the revelation that the wedding will actually take place in Italy.

Of course, it would be hilarious to have your family and friends arrive by gondola at a Lake Como villa just to be like, “Gotcha, bitches! Hot Pockets!”

Sadly, most brides aren’t big on punking their guests. Go figure.

Carino, 48, is an agent at CAA, and despite counting Justin Bieber and Harry Styles among his A-list clients, he maintains a relatively low-profile and seems to enjoy the civilian life.

Which is good, because while there are occasional exceptions (Jay and Bey, Posh and Becks), there’s generally only room for one superstar as big as Gaga in a marriage.

Source: celebweddings