Kylie and her squad continued their trip to Peru on Life of Kylie Season 1 Episode 8, but there was some drama on the horizon. 

When the emotional episode got underway, the group made a to visit a shaman, and Kylie was told that the man in her life was a good one to keep.

Jordyn revealed that it was time to define the relationship before they continued on with their lives. 

Then, things took a weird turn when Jordyn and Kylie decided to throw a commitment ceremony to ensure they were on the same page about their unique friendship. 

It was primarily a friend wedding, and it was a great way show off the fact that they were still as close as ever. 

“I care for her like I care for my girlfriend,” Kylie said.

“Jordyn is my ride or die, vice versa. We might not always be together, but we’re always connected.”

Having a friend ceremony was a good way to get Kylie prepared for her big day. We’re not saying she’s engaged or anything, but it gave her an idea of what to expect. 

However, the episode was not full of high points for the friendship. Jordyn wanted to do her own thing and felt like she did not want to leave Kylie alone. 

“I just feel bad saying no to doing things because we really only have each other in it,” Jordyn confessed to Kylie.

“I don’t want you out here doing stuff by yourself. That’s not fun. It’s just hard for me to find the balance in my life.”

“I don’t want you to feel like I’m saying that you’re dragging me to these places ’cause it’s all me. Even being around you, I feel pressure, not even from you. I need to just be the best me I can be,” she continued. 

Kylie was nice about all of it and said that it was a difficult situation for anyone to be in. 

“Dealing with me and my family becomes a lot of positive but a lot of negative too,” Kylie said in a confessional. 

That’s a wrap on Life of Kylie Season 1, and we have to admit: It’s been that fun of a series.

It’s been pretty pointless and has felt like lost footage from Keeping Up with the Kardashians at the best of times. 

Will it return for another season? The ratings are not exactly great, but we knew the family is a big brand for E! so they might eke out a renewal. 

Hit the comments with your thoughts on the conclusion. 

Source: celebweddings