Mama June has had a busy couple of years, huh?

In 2014, she and Sugar Bear decided to take some time apart in their relationship, and just a couple of months later she was dating convicted child molester Mark McDaniel.

Her relationship with McDaniel caused TLC to pull the plug on Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, leaving the family without a reality show and a steady paycheck.

A year later, Mama June and Sugar Bear decided to give love one more chance on Marriage Boot Camp, where we learned that Sugar Bear cheated. A lot.

She laid low for a while after that, but as we all know, she landed one more reality show with Mama June: From Not to Hot, where she’s been losing so much weight and getting so much plastic surgery.

But since the season finale airs tonight, what’s next for June?

Since she’s single and officially hot these days, could she find love on a reality show? The reality dating show, perhaps?

Could she be the next Bachelorette?!

Mama June was asked that very question in this new interview, and her answer may shock you.

She reveals that when her current reality show was in talks, it was actually going to be called Marrying Mama June.

However, she says that “you can’t do that. I feel like you can’t fall in love and [get to know] someone in just a couple of months.”

Hear June’s reasoning — and find out what’s next — in the interview below:

Source: celebweddings