If Mariah Carey is looking for a way to distract folks from her James Packer breakup and rumored relationship with a backup dancer, well…

… she has managed to do so successfully.

And also embarrassingly.

The singer spent Thanksgiving in Hawaii, alerting fans to her whereabouts via the Instagram photo featured above.

It depicts Care (and her ample cleavage) holding a pie and a can of whipped cream, while wishing followers a “#happythanksgiving” while she’s busy “#festivating.”

Is the 46-year-old music icon under fire for making up and hashtagging a dumb word such as “festivating?”

No, although we’d argue that she should be.

Instead, Carey is facing a lot of backlash for this image due to how clearly she has Photoshopped various parts of it.

“That’s got to be some of the worst photoshopping I’ve seen!” wrote one follower, specifically referring to the distorted mirror by Carey’s shoulder.

And the warped cabinet near her right knee, while we’re at it.

Another person asked, referring to the obvious doctoring:

“Should the cabinet door and mirror bend like that?” 

(We can tackle this one: No. They should not.)

Some fans did come to Carey’s defense (“Let her be she looks happy,” argued one very positive individual), while others simply want answers about her love life.

As you probably know by now, Mariah Carey and James Packer called off their engagement a few weeks ago.

Initial reports alleged that Packer had grown sick of his fiancee’s notoriously diva-like behavior, but subsequent articles pointed to Packer’s mental instability.

There’s also been unverified talk that Packer is a violent individual and that he attacked one of Carey’s assistants on board a yacht in Greece.

Meanwhile, with the public wondering just why she called off her wedding, Carey has reportedly been spending a lot of time with backup dancer Bryan Tanaka.

A lot of naked time?

Was he with her on this holiday trip to Hawaii?

What, if anything, can Carey tell us about this alleged romance?

The artist sat down a few days ago with Entertainment Tonight to discuss just that. Watch the clip above and learn!

Meanwhile, it was recently announced that Carey will be starring in her very own reality show this December on E!.

Some say it is the reason why Packer called off their relationship; because he wanted nothing to do with such self-centered nonsense.

Will you be tuning in for it?

Source: celebweddings