Matt Baier is known for two things: for being an absurd human being, and for showcasing that on Teen Mom.

He’s been in the spotlight for a couple of years now, and it’s been such a trying time for us all.

Just every single detail we know about him is painful: the way he worked his way through Teen Mom’s hottest messes before finally being able to stick with Amber Portwood was a particularly despicable beginning.

Yes, who could forget how he hit on Jenelle Evans and Farrah Abraham before making his way to Amber?

No one, that’s who. Not even your own subconscious can let that one go, so plan on seeing it play out again in your nightmares.

When he did get with Amber, he moved on her immediately, bringing so much chaos into her life in the form of several secret paternity suits.

Because not only is Matt a leech, not only is he a creep, but he’s also a deadbeat dad.

He seemed to fib to Amber about the number of kids he’d fathered and left, and she only found out after her ex, Gary Shirley, brought it to her attention.

But still, Amber has issues of her own, so she’s defended Matt in a number of tragic, nonsensical ways. It’s all very upsetting.

The only good thing that’s happened in Amber’s relationship with Matt is that she’s postponed their wedding — if things went according to her original plan, she’s already be married to the creep by now.

But today, it’s looking like the wedding might be pushed back indefinitely, because … wait for it …

Matt wants to be a rock star!

Yes, because the world can be a beautiful place sometimes, there’s an extremely amusing rumor going around that Matt is planning on ditching Teen Mom in favor of pursuing his true passion: music.

The rumor started in part because Matt, over on his brand new Instagram account, has been sharing updates on a “music room” that he and Amber are putting together in their home.

He’s got some signed records and other memorabilia, but then he shared a photo of a shiny new guitar without an autograph in sight.

His caption: “First guitar lesson starts in 45 min, let the disaster begin #rockandrollhalloffamehereIcome. Hahaha.”

And things just kind of spiraled out of control from there.

The rumor gained so much attention (or he was so desperate for attention, one of the two) that Matt actually took the time to issue a statement.

Speaking with Real Mr. Housewife, Matt said “I have taken one guitar lesson so yeah I’m ready for a career in music.”

“I learned 3 chords in my first lesson I just took. Look out Eddie Van Halen.”

Sarcasm, or confidence?

Only time will tell.

Source: celebweddings