Rumors about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle getting engaged have been circulating pretty much from the day they went public as a couple. 

Everything we’ve seen seems to indicate that Harry and Meghan really are that serious and really will get hitched eventually.

Unfortunately, engagements are a bit more complicated for the Royals than they are for us plebes.

Harry can’t just swing by Kay Jewelers on his way home and pop the question over unlimited breadsticks at the Olive Garden.

There’s protocol to follow, traditions to be observed, old people whose asses need to be kissed.

Before anything can happen, for example, Harry and Meghan need the queen’s approval.

That sounds easy enough.

After all, Queen Elizabeth II is 91 years old.

It’s tough to imagine her raising too much of a fuss over her grandson wanting to get married.

That said, Meghan is something of a divisive figure around Buckingham Palace.

She’s an actress; she’s American; she’s been married before.

The Royals are a snooty bunch, and any of these things could be a deal-breaker for the Queen.

For Meghan, meeting the queen was reportedly a daunting prospect that’s been hanging over her head since she started dating Harry.

But according to Us Weekly, she and Harry finally bit the bullet earlier this month, and the encounter couldn’t have gone more smoothly.

Meghan and Harry traveled to Africa in August, in celebration of her 36th birthday.

Upon their return to the UK, they reportedly made the trip to the Queen’s summer residence in Scotland.

“Harry decided to take Meghan to visit as he hadn’t been up yet all summer,” says one insider, adding that the purpose of the trip was clear:

“He wanted to introduce Meghan to the Queen.”

So how did the long-awaited meet-and-greet go?

“It went well,” says the source, adding:

“It’ll no doubt be the first of many encounters.”

Obviously, the timing of the trip to Balmoral has fueled rumors that Harry and Meghan are secretly engaged.

Many believe that Harry popped the question during the trip to Africa, but wanted to wait for the queen’s approval before going public.

We’ll keep you posted as the Great Engagement Wait of 2017 continues.

Source: celebweddings