Like Hemingway and the Jimmy John’s guy before them, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will soon be headed to the green hills of Africa, where they’ll participate in a full-blown safari.

Unlike those giants in the worlds of literature and cold cuts, however, Harry and Meghan thankfully won’t be slaying any large beasts.

But that doesn’t mean they won’t have something to show off when they get home.

According to Radar Online, Harry is planning to propose to Meghan during the couple’s jungle jaunt.

The continent is apparently of tremendous emotional significance to Harry, who sought refuge there with his brother and father following the death of his mother, Princess Diana.

“Africa means everything to Harry,” a source close to the Royals tells Radar.

“It is where he and William were taken by their father to escape after their mother’s death.”

And that’s not the end of the Harry’s sentimental ties to Africa:

“He feels himself there, and it was the South African jewelry he gave to Meghan that first gave their relationship away,” says the insider, adding:

“Prince William proposed to Kate there.”

In case you still haven’t grasped the extent to which Harry really, really loves Africa, the tipster continues:

“He really feels he has found a soulmate in Meghan, and both have even said they would love to live on and run a wildlife safari reserve.”

At this point, you should imagine the source grabbing you by the shoulders, shaking you, and screaming about Harry’s love of Africa.

“The continent, the Toto song, everything! Harry. Loves. Africa!”

Rumors about Harry and Meghan getting engaged have been circulating pretty much from the moment the world learned they were dating, but it’s really beginning to feel like it’ll happen soon.

The couple attended Pippa Middleton’s wedding together last month, and the event served as their unofficial coming out party.

Now that they’re a confirmed couple, it seems only a matter of time before Harry puts a ring on it.

At 32, he’s not longer the wild child/black sheep (depending on whom you ask) of the Royal clan, and he’s spoken in recent years about his desire to settle down and start a family.

We don’t know for sure when he’ll propose … but it sounds like there’s little doubt as to where it’ll happen.

Source: celebweddings