Last night’s season finale of The Bachelorette may have been something of an upset (or, at least, upsetting) for a lot of fans, but Rachel made her choice.

She’s engaged, but for the fairytale ending that she wants, she’ll need a wedding to match. Reportedly, Rachel Lindsay and her fiance are already planning their nuptuals.

And while we don’t know everything yet, we do have some of the details.

Life & Style reports that Rachel Lindsay is planning her wedding with Bryan Abasolo, who is currently her fiance after winning The Bachelorette.

She expects to have about 300 or so guests.

It will definitely be in Texas, but either next fall or winter so the suffering from blistering temperatures should be at a minimum.

(For Texas, anyway)

The wedding itself might very well get filmed by ABC for fans to watch:

“Rachel would be down to have her love story continue on TV.”

That’s incredibly nice of her … though perhaps not the best recipe for 

“She’s aware people think Bachelor engagements don’t last, so she wants to say ‘It did work for me!”

Two things:

One, a lot of the times, these things don’t work out because the couple didn’t get to know each other off-camera very much while they were “dating.”

Deliberate on-camera behavior aside, people’s behavior and language may just subconsciously shift when they’re off-camera.

You have to get to know someone one-on-one, not on camera.

(And not through chaperoned “courting” either, Duggars)

Not to mention that, well, a lot of engagements break off. That’s life.

Two, though, while filming the wedding is well and good.

(Plenty of people film their weddings)

Teasing the idea of Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo’s love story continuing to be filmed sounds like she might be open to a reality series.

Do we really need to remind you of what happend with Lauren Bushnell and Ben Higgins?

Those who thought that they were going to live happily ever after, and they got an appropriately (if, in the long run, ironically) named reality series.

The omnipresent cameras meant that, even during their engagement, they couldn’t be open with each other and communicate like a healthy couple needs to do.

Were there other factors? Absolutely. 

But putting your whole relationship on camera from the get-go is a recipe for disaster.

Rachel Lindsay doesn’t need to prove anything.

Life & Style‘s insider had more to add about Rachel Lindsay and her plans:

“She’s frugal but wants her wedding to be the biggest day ever. Rachel has had her wedding planned since childhood. She used to play pretend and go shopping for dresses and everything.”

That’s sort of the stereotype, right?

Well, the huge wedding thing isn’t a stereotype for Millennials — if you’re going to splurge on something on that scale, you want it to be a house or something like that.

But, as far as gendered stereotypes go, most women are socialized from a young age to fantasize about their weddings.

Rachel’s kept the dream alive as she entered adulthood, however, and she’s gotten some very specific ideas.

She even know who she wants to design her dress.

“[She] used to watch Project Runway and gush about how she wanted [contestant] Michael Costello to design her dress.”

She wants the big color of the night to be red with hints of gold, black, or brown.

(Which sounds gorgeous — somewhere between the Sith and Gryffindor colors)

The bridesmaid dresses will match that scheme, of course.

It sounds like Rachel Lindsay’s wedding will have everything.

Oh … with one major exception, says the insider.

“I can’t see her inviting any of the guys she’s sent home. That would be too awkward!”

Well, nobody expected her to invite Lee Garrett, but as much as people might like to see Dean Unglert or Peter Kraus at an event like that … yikes.

We certainly can’t imagine that Bryan Abasolo would want them there.

Plenty of Bachelor Nation folks in general might make the guest list, though.

Source: celebweddings