Ray J has once again made news for engaging in sexual intercourse.

The lesser known participant in that Kim Kardashian sex tape from several years ago, the Love & Hip Hop cast member now has an announcement to make.

It also has to do with sticking his penis inside of a vagina.

But this time the vagina belongs to his wife.

And this time the act has led to the creation of a new life.

That’s right, Princess Love is pregnant!!!!!!!

The reality star confirmed this exciting piece of unexpected news via an Instagram post that included a close-up of her baby bump.

It also included the following caption:

It’s such a blessing from God to be able to carry our child.

We kept this ourself until after the first trimester because it’s bad luck to announce too early. But we’re so proud to share this journey with you guys.

Thank you for all of the love and prayers.

Ray J included the same snapshot and same message on his official social media account.

It’s unclear just when Princess Love is due, but she must be at least 12 weeks along.

That means she’ll likely give birth in late spring or early summer.

Appearing as a guest cohost on The Real on Monday, Ray J also told viewers:

“Love is on my mind. Love is on my heart. Princess and I are expecting.”

The quasi artist then stood up and and clapped for himself.

Seriously, Ray J is the greatest.

“I’mma be a dad,” added Brandy’s brother and Snoop Dogg’s cousin. “I’m nervous, excited. It finally happened. My first one.”

Ray J went on to say he doesn’t know the gender of the baby-to-be or the exact night of conception.

But he and his wife had been trying “for awhile.”

“It’s not as easy as people think,” Ray J said.

“For some people, they just go on tour and get everybody pregnant. But for me, it was love. We took our time, and as we were taking our time, it just took a little while.”

Ray J and Princess Love – who have been through A LOT – got married in August of 2016.

Their fertility problems were chronicled throughout season 4 of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood, as they further expressed their frustrations during the VH1 reality series’ reunion special in October.

Ray J, of course, banged Kim on video back in 2003 – and he still rakes in money each month off this sex tape!

He’s continued to promote it as well, famously releasing the single “I Hit It First” soon after Kim got together with Kanye West.

Like we said, Ray J is the best.

And he has a big penis.

Source: celebweddings