In news that is just about as stunning as Donald Trump blasting the media as being fake and terrible and biased, Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna have broken up.

Yes, again.

Will the break-up stick this time around?

There’s no way to possibly answer that question, because any answer would imply that you believe this romance was ever real to begin with.

But let’s just go ahead and play along with what the reality stars want us to think, okay? Here we go…

What drove Blac Chyna and Rob apart in this latest case?

No media outlet can say for certain, but an insider tells People Magazine that the romantic dissolution isn’t new.

“They split a while ago. The wedding plans are off,” a source close to Kardashian tells this publication, adding:

“They are both trying to be mature about it. It was less dramatic this time.”

This would at least explain why Blac Chyna was spotted out with a random Patriots fan earlier this month.

It would also explain why Chyna shared a bunch of cute pictures of her and her kids a couple weeks ago, with Rob notoriously absent from the images.

The stars went public with their relationship in January 2016.

The stunning romance didn’t just take the public surprise, but also members of Rob’s family, consider Chyna has long feuded with Kylie Jenner due to her relationship with Tyga.

(Tyga is the father of Blac Chyna’s son, King Cairo.)

Chyna is also good friends with Amber Rose, an ex-girlfriend of Kanye West, who is now married to Rob’s sister Kim Kardashian.

It’s all very confusing, we know.

Few took the pair seriously, assuming they were only appearing together for publicity, but then Rob proposed to Chyna in April 2016, and, a month later, they announced they were expecting their first child.

The two welcomed their daughter in November. 

She’s really cute:

But the two fought as much as they made out, actually starring in an E! reality series that basically just featured one monumental argument after another.

The last time we reported on their alleged break-up was in early January… so it’s been over a month of quiet, assumed bliss between the tandem.

That may be a new record!

“Rob thinks it’s the right decision,” a source tells Us Weekly of this split.

“Chyna has disappeared for days at a time without communicating or providing any updates. This won’t end well.”

A second insiders says confirms to this tabloid that the two have been at odds since late December.

At that time, Chyna grabbed all of her belongings, cleaned out the nursery and left with their baby girl.

Or so the stars wanted us to believe… mere days later, Rob was the one apologizing and they were posing together on New Year’s Eve.

“[It’s the same] with her yelling and screaming about how his family doesn’t like or support her, and his insecurities,” writes Us Weekly.

The social media accounts of both stars have been bereft of the other one for weeks now.

So this break-up really may be for real.


We know there’s a baby girl now at the center of all this madness and we would love it if she were raised in a stable-two parent household of course.

But that was never on the table for Rob and Chyna.

Better they go their separate ways now and spare the poor child the ongoing trauma of living with two attention-starved, money-hungry maniacs, wouldn’t you say?

Let’s just hope she doesn’t need too much therapy down the line and let’s also hope this split doesn’t cause Rob to eat his weight in Twinkies or anything like that.

Be careful, dude.

Source: celebweddings