So this is an interesting development.

You know how Ryan Edwards has a whole, whole lot going on in his life right now?

Maci Bookout just revealed on Teen Mom OG something that fans have been speculating about for a long, long time now: he’s in the midst of a nasty battle with drug addiction.

On the show, she said that things were so bad that she was scared that he’d end up dead if he didn’t get help.

But now we know that he is getting help: a new report we discussed just earlier today explains that he’s in rehab, and he’s been there for two weeks now.

And now we’re learning that just before he went to rehab, he got married.

Feel free to take a moment to process all this, we know it’s a lot.

Ryan married his fiancée of six months, Mackenzie Standifer, in Hamilton County, Tennessee on May 15th.

It was a religious ceremony officiated by a minister, and right now those are the only details we know about the wedding.

As we’ve seen on Teen Mom OG, Ryan and Mackenzie had been looking around for venues and planning a big wedding for this fall.

In a registry the couple made, the original wedding date was listed as November 18th.

But obviously they decided to move things ahead a bit.

Considering the facts of the situation — the wedding was moved up so fast with little notice, it was held on a Monday, Ryan was on drugs at the time — it couldn’t have been a big affair.

And honestly, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

Why would Ryan get married immediately before going to rehab?

If he’s already been in treatment for two weeks, he would have to have left a few days, at most, after the wedding.

Why not wait until he was clean, especially if they’d already been planning something together?

It’s hard to say, and it looks like we won’t be getting any information from Mackenzie: as of this morning, she’s made all of her social media accounts private.

Another strange thing is that Mackenzie filed for divorce from her first husband last July — less than a year ago.

The divorce was finalized days before Ryan proposed, and now she’s on her second marriage at the tender age of 20.

Additionally, we learned yesterday that Ryan’s drug addiction may be affecting the custody arrangement for her three-year-old son, Hudson.

It’s all just very, very curious.

Whatever the reason for the rushed wedding, we wish Ryan and Mackenzie a lifetime of happiness and, especially for Ryan, good health.

What a roller coaster.

Source: celebweddings