Wait… is Simon Saran trying to play the peacekeeper of the Teen Mom cast these days?

Farrah Abraham’s boyfriend has shockingly opened up about the cheating allegations surrounding Tyler Baltierra and Catelynn Lowell and his comments are surprisingly nice. 

“I feel really bad about everything,” Saran told Radar.

“Marriage is something sacred between two people.”

If you watch Teen Mom online, you’re probably wondering what the heck Simon knows about being in a loving relationship when all he and Farrah seem to do is argue.

“I’m here for Catelynn if she needs anything,” Simon continued.

It’s really difficult to judge whether Simon is being genuine or just trying to kick off another feud amongst everyone involved in the Teen Mom franchise. 

Like Farrah, he has a knack for causing drama. It makes for good TV, but it leads to everyone questioning his motives when he is nice. 

He even went as far as shouting on a weekly basis via Snapchat about how much he hated his fellow cast members.

There was a terrible excuse about why the cheating would not be addressed on the series. Apparently, it did not fit the narrative for Baltierra and Lowell. 

Surely, a bomb as huge as that would be used as a way to drum up some free publicity. The rumors could’ve been concocted out of thin air. 

Tyler was quick to admit to cheating, but it seemed like he was joking. 

“Damn it! We really tried keeping that a secret too! Well I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist her/him… idk it was dark and I was drunk,” he tweeted, as Lowell added, “Well since it’s out in the open @TylerBaltierra did cheat on me. He’s busted.”

Now, with all of that fake drama very much out in the open, Saran emerging from the woodwork is certainly odd. 

However, he’s not the only cast member to open up about it. 

Javi Marroquin and Amber Portwood recently revealed their thoughts on the matter, and they seemed to think that the rumors were untrue. 

Given the way they came about, it all seems pretty absurd. 

Either way, these cheating rumors and Simon extending the olive branch should be taken with a pinch of salt. 

What do you think about all of this?

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