Well, this is uncomfortable.

But hey, we’re talking about Sister Wives here, what did you expect?

Last year, in a time that will surely live on forever in your trashy reality show-loving heart, Meri Brown admitted that she’d gone and gotten herself involved with a catfish.

After divorcing her husband, Kody Brown — they were the only ones legally married, so they legally divorced so he could marry Robyn, but they maintained that “spiritual marriage” he has with all the wives — Meri went through a rough time.

She began talking to a man, and then went on to have a sort of emotional affair with him, but it turned out that the man was a woman, and it was all very dramatic and unfortunate.

But all that happened over a year ago.



Since then, Kody and the other wives, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn, have all been very supportive of Meri, so they’re probably definitely back to normal now, right?


In this sneak peek from Sunday’s new episode of Sister Wives, it’s obvious that Meri and Kody’s relationship is still in a terrible place.

Are the rumors that Meri is leaving Kody true?!

Check out their sincerely awful fight in the video below:

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