Just in case you missed it, Sister Wives gave us a pretty juicy story last week.

Was it juicier than Meri Brown and her catfish? Maybe not.

But still, it was mighty scandalous for the fundamentalist Mormon family: Mariah Brown, the only child of Meri and Kody, announced to her parents that she’s gay.

They took it well, considering that their church has some seriously sinister views on homosexuality, though the Browns have always disagreed with their church on the matter.

Meri, Kody, and the rest of the sister wives all readily accepted Mariah, and they offered her so much support and love.

It was wonderful to see, but judging by this sneak peek from the upcoming episode, it may not have been entirely genuine.

In this clip, Meri talks to Robyn and Kody about Mariah’s announcement, and she’s obviously taking it pretty hard.

She explains that she’d always envisioned Mariah bringing home a man, getting married to him and having kids, and since she was never able to have any children after Mariah, her future husband would have been like a son to her.

Robyn so sweetly — like, so sweetly it might make you tear up — points out that all that can still happen, that Mariah can still get married and have children.

But Meri is struggling. And she is struggling hard.

Check out the sad but oddly touching clip below:

Source: celebweddings