Forgive our excitement in the headline above.

But we think you’ll understand when it comes from in just a few moments…

The 38-year old actress took a trip to Florida over the weekend with her 11-year old daughter, sharing a few intimate looks on Instagram of both herself and little Suri

And it’s impossible to look at these images without having two thoughts:

  1. Suri is really all grown up now.

See, there we go again.

Prepare to react in equal shock over the doppleganger nature of mother and daughter, however, upon taking a look at the picture below.

“My sweetie #love #beach #gratitude,” Holmes wrote as caption to the image, which we really cannot get over.

We’ve never seen a celebrity child look so much like his or her famous parent.

Holmes has done an incredible job shielding Suri from the spotlight over the years, considering she was born to the actress and Tom Cruise back when their marriage was under heavy scrutiny.

To this day, people question the legitimacy of the Holmes-Cruise union and wonder whether it was arranged by the Church of Scientology.

Eventually, Holmes filed to divorce Cruise, taking sole custody of an adorable little girl that Cruise has reportedly not seen in years.

It’s hard not to think this has been to Suri’s advantage, though, as she’s had the chance to grow up under the supervision of only one, very responsible and loving parent.

Over the past several months, Holmes has given fans more glimpses behind the scenes of her life with Suri.

In March, for example, we reacted with the same sort of amazement as we’re experiencing now in checking out a different fun photo of Suri and Katie.

In November, Holmes reacted to Donald Trump’s stunning Presidential victory with a picture of her daughter and message for the masses.

“Strong little girls that will become strong women. Let’s keep fighting to make it a better world for our children,” Holmes wrote as a caption to a snapshot of Suri and a friend.

We couldn’t agree more with that sentiment.

Back in September, meanwhile, there was this precious picture of the star cradling her child:

This is what it means to be a parent who is truly there for his or her daughter.

Just in case you were wondering, Tom Cruise.

Suri actually turns 11 years old today, which may explain why Holmes turned all sentimental last week.

In sharing the following throwback photo of Suri, Holmes referred to her only kid as a “sweet angel” on Instagram.

We’d say it takes one to know one, Katie.

You’ve done an incredible job with Suri. Be proud.

Source: celebweddings