Tarek El Moussa and Christina El Moussa have taken a new step in their relationship.

They are planning for their future.

They have no plans on going their separate ways.

When it comes to their professional lives, that is.

The HGTV stars – whose marriage fell apart last year following an intense argument that concluded with an armed Tarek storming out of their home with a gun – are doing better than ever these days when it comes to their on-air popularity.

The couple’s divorce has given new life to the couple’s current show, Flip or Flop.

Its ratings have increased ever since Tarek and Christina have grown into gossip-generating single people, with HGTV recently ordering new episodes through 2017.

And now comes the news that Tarek and Christina will team up to produce a second program for the cable network.

The upcoming series will be titled “Chi-Town Flip” and will follow the same basic concept of Flip or Flop; it will simply be based in Chicago.

“It has absolutely been a challenge, and some of it has been truly ridiculous,” Tarek told Variety when asked how he and his estranged wife have been dealing with the increase media attention since their split.

“I would not wish it on anyone.”

But while the impending divorce has been difficult on Tarek, Christina and their two young children, it’s also raised this ex-couple’s public profile.

The celebrity gossip world is suddenly fascinated by their every move, especially as they continue to co-host a show together each week.

They continue to say all the right things about each other in each interview as well, admitting to various challenges but also saying over and over that serving as co-parents is their top priority.

“To be honest, it has been tough. And we have had our moments,” El Moussa said, adding:

“I just keep reminding myself that we are co-parents to two beautiful kids. We owe it to them to be as amicable as we can be. They deserve nothing less…

“We are continuing to work together to be great parents – we are going to work together as parents for the rest of our lives. In business, we are continuing to film Flip or Flop and are conducting our real estate seminars together.

“But, we each have personal projects we are looking into too. We’ll just have to see how things unfold.”

Chi-Town Flip will chronicle Windy City-based house-flipping couple that met the El Moussas at one of their real estate seminars.

It will mark the first time Tarek and Christina have focused exclusively on work behind the camera.

“I am really excited about creating new shows, even those that I don’t appear in,” Tarek concluded to Variety.

“I’ve always loved venturing out and trying new things and Executive Producing gets me out of my comfort zone, which is great.”

Does this mean the end of his time as Flip or Flop host? No way!

“As long as people still want to watch it and it makes sense to where we are in our lives,” we’ll keep hosting, Tarek said.

Source: celebweddings