Did Barry Allen manage to find a way to save himself from a lengthy stint in prison?

That was the big question on The Flash Season 4 Episode 10, and things did not look good for him when the episode kicked off. Cecile took a leave of absence from the DA’s office. 

Anton Slater was on hand to take Barry down in the courtroom. Let’s just say things were not looking good after a knife was entered into evidence. The same knife someone bought Barry and Iris for their wedding. 

This gave Anton the ultimate leverage because he essentially said nothing was sacred to Barry, and it helped turn the jurors against the speedster. Barry had a severe lack of defense. 

It was painful to watch because we know that DeVoe and his sidekick cooked up the plan because DeVoe needed the new body to become The Thinker. 

Given that everyone in the courtroom was turning against Barry, the team needed to act fast. Ralph managed to get pictures of Marlize kissing The Thinker, and they were presented to the court. 

But Marlize knew how to weather the storm and said that her husband sent her to the man because he could fulfill needs that DeVoe could not. It was all very believable, and it proved something bigger was needed to get Barry out of the clutches of the law. 

Cecil admitted that the only for Barry to be set free was for him to confirm the truth, but Barry was against the idea of it. He felt like nobody would take him seriously if they knew who he was. 

That’s when Iris decided to take it upon herself to tell the world the truth, but Barry stopped her at the last second and used a new speed trick to have a full blown conversation with her in the courtroom. 

He did not want to put his loved ones in any danger and felt like everyone would be on the run and look over their shoulders. It would make more sense for Barry to let the iron fist of justice have its way. 

In the end, Barry was found guilty of murder and was shocked to find out that he would be spending the rest of his life in Iron Heights without parole. This was met with floods of tears from Iris. 

Barry argued with DeVoe before sentencing, and DeVoe said that there was no way Barry and his group could have won, but Barry said that he would find a way to save himself and his friends. 

In a poignant turn, Barry was sent to the same cell his father was in all those years ago. 

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