Family comes first. 

That sentiment echoed on through The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 10 Episode 3 as the ladies tried to make sure everything was going well with their loved ones. 

Either that or the producers are very, very good at editing. But, it was still a fun episode that gave us some fresh storylines for the ladies to work with. 

Porsha Williams was putting family first and gearing up to open a salon with her sister, Lauren. The pair bickered over the scale of the salon with Lauren wanting a small one to begin with. 

On the other hand, Porsha wanted the biggest one her money could buy, but I have to side with Lauren on this one. What if the salon is a colossal failure? The smaller the venue, the fewer people it needs to make it look packed to the brim. 

The ladies questioned how the stylists would be paid, and it became apparent there was a gap in Porsha’s knowledge regarding running a business. This made her conclude that hiring someone else to deal with all of that would be a good idea. 

It seemed initially that Porsha wanted a fresh new challenge to fill up her day when she was free from Dish Network, but talking about getting someone else to run it makes it seem like she wants something to boast to her gal pals about. 

Lauren took issue with the fact that Porsha was underpaying her for her services. 

“I get paid what your little sister would get paid,” she said.”Not what a normal person would get paid.”

Porsha took issue with her sister’s choice of words, saying: “I will make the most money out of it because I’m putting my money on the line.”

“My entire life is about you,” Lauren fired back before the two women parted ways. Will the salon even become a reality?!

While that was going down, Cynthia was still swiping right on her phone to get her some dates. Her latest conquest was a man who was much closer to her age. 

Yes, she took her daughter’s words seriously when she said that Cynthia was far too old to be dating the younger generation. The man she went on a date with left his phone at home. 

You know how going on a first date is full of awkward gazes, and you generally have your phone for something to stare at? This man did not have that comfort blanket. He’s a keeper. 

Meanwhile, in the life of Nene Leakes, she opened up about keeping her husband, Gregg around. Apparently, she did not know who would cut the grass or keep the home in good shape without him. 

Just when everything seemed to be going okay, Gregg was rushed to the hospital with chest pain, and it became clear how much Nene really values him. 

While his ailment was nothing serious, Nene was trying to imply that she was fine with it. You could tell by the look on her face. 

The big event of the episode was a party for Sheree’s mother’s 70th birthday, but it went awry when it emerged that the party planner had quit just hours before the event kicked off. 

“Are you kidding me? Get this off of me,” Sheree yelled as she took her mic off. Thankfully, she managed to get the party together herself with a little amount of time. 

The party was a success, and it served as a great place for some gossip as Kenya continued to try and imply her marriage was a great success despite she and her husband living in different states. 

The conclusion found Nene upset because Gregg gave her a phone call to let him know his surgery had been brought forward and that he was unsure if she was going to make it in time to see him. 

Considering there’s been no word on the gossip front about any complications, we’re going to assume that Gregg makes it through the surgery. 

What did you think of all the drama?

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