A British waitress says she’s been sacked for taking a roll in the sack with mediocre actor Orlando Bloom.

According to The Sun, a 21-year old named Viviana Ross was working at a restaurant inside London luxury hotel Chiltern Firehouse when she struck up a conversation with Bloom.

A friend explained to this publication how Ross and Bloom – who was in town to do press for the film Unlocked – got along from the outset of their meeting, describing the “fireworks” that figuratively exploded between the waitress and the star.

Shortly after she finished pouring drinks for Bloom, Ross reportedly saw the actor again outside the establishment once her shift ended. 

He invited Ross back to his room and “made the first move” after the pair downed a gin and tonic, The Sun writes.

“He’d been staying at the hotel for five days and the sexual tension had been building up,” the friend tells the newspaper, adding that Bloom then left “early for an interview and Viviana stayed in bed.”

And this is where the story goes from sexy to scandalous.

With Ross lying naked in Bloom’s hotel bed, a general manager apparently let himself into the star’s suite.

It’s unclear why he would do such a thing, but he got a very clear look at Ross between the sheets, asking if she worked at the hotel.

She replied “yes” and the manager left the room.

Within an hour of having this brief exchange, however, Ross received a text informing her that she was fired for “fraternizing with clients.”

The Sun says Ross quickly departed the premises and has not returned since.

“Viviana was not working when she went back to the room. It was in her own personal time,” this source emphasizes, adding:

“It’s a shame because she is very hard-working and she was well liked…

“She didn’t get Orlando’s number so he won’t know what happened to her. I think he’d be angry if he knew she had been sacked.”

Well, hopefully Bloom reads The Hollywood Gossip and will soon find out!

Despite losing her job because she lost her inhibitions with the Pirates of the Caribbean star, Ross supposedly has no regrets.

How could she after spending such an incredible evening with Bloom?!?

“It was one amazing night with incredible sex that Viviana wanted to be a good memory,” the insider says.

Can this friend tell us more about Bloom’s talents between the sheets? Can she got into more detail about the nude time her pal had with the 40-year old star?


“She said she had an amazing time and his body was very good. He was an exceptionally good lover.”

This isn’t too shocking, we suppose.

Yes, Bloom is a bland actor. It’s hard to imagine him generating much excitement in bed.

However, he was married to Miranda Kerr. And he dated Katy Perry.

So there must be something to the guy that continues to attract beautiful women (including Ross, who, as you can see in the photos above, is no slouch herself in the looks department.)

And, after extensive research, we think we’ve found it. We think we’ve discovered why so many hot women jump into bed with Orlando Bloom.


UPDATE: Reached for comment about the situation by The Sun, Ross simply said the following:

I don’t work at the Firehouse anymore and I won’t comment on anything that happened there.

Source: celebweddings